Editorial for May, 2006

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Editorial for May, 2006

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Editorial for May, 2006

Greetings Everyone,

Well, we have come so far already with in this, our second month in operation, and I am very glad to see so many lovers of the works of H.P.Lovecraft and that which he has inspired crawling out of their furtive holes in support. We are ever in your debt. This May issue is moving in quite a good fashion, let me tell you. With the big changes that are occurring with EG, such as moving to a new server, picking up some more staff members, myself in the process of going to college and moving (to Alaska, of all places :) ), its tough for us to keep up with ourselves, but we never lose site of our intention, to let out the secret, and show what we can of this strange, posthumous inspiration that Lovecraft has on film and literature.

Our submissions have been great, with many interesting imaginations looming out from the dark to offer some insidious and delightful pieces of intrigue. I wont spill all the slimy details concerning who or what, but will hint that it should, hopefully, render your hair to platinum, and flush your demeanor to ash.

Also, I will make mention of there being some intention with in EG to produce our own Lovecraftian Film Collection, called, "The Hapless Experiment". This collection would be comprised of the more bizarre films along the many definitions of "Lovecraftian Cinema" that are incorporated with the obscure, surreal, and horrific quality, with in what some would call, The Hapless Experiment of Art. When are we going to do this? Well, really, were still trying to figure that out. Right now were talking to some film makers, coming up with a few ideas, and looking into the great, cavernous vault that funds our lovely productions to answer that very question. But fear not. In the coming year, we will see what happens.

In the mean time, The Eldritch Gazette will continue our efforts to bring you the best in Lovecraftian cinema and literature, and to carry on our torches past the waking dawn and into the looming night of the outlands, until all becomes gray and somber when the limits of all are past, and void reaches out to embrace us, enveloping us in a tune of quiet and hue of pitch, never willing to let us go, and seizing us from the world we knew, forever.

Woodruff Laputka

Chief Editor

The Eldritch Gazette, May, 2006
"Most men dream at night, to wake in the day and find that it was vanity...

But the Dreamers of the Day are dangerous men, for they may act upon their dreams."
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