Last Vestige of a Dream

The night will encroach upon consciousness
Whence id shall begin its primal descent
Somnolent journey out of wakefulness
Wickedness plays out its slumb’ring intent
Sinking down past shadows darker than death
Wading through Phlegethon’s infernal swell
Forced to forget, consume waters of Lethe
Will not recall where wild things do dwell
Ancestor’s warning, himself Hades’ slave
Word I must bring to the living above
There’s sleeping enough inside of the grave
Only in waking will one find true love
With these words in mind I run to the light
Hope to remember them when I awake
True realisation comes, shapeless, at night
Enlightenment for which the slothful ache
Taking this message, the mind must avoid
Drinking the waters of their hollow stream
Lest all shall be lost, with memory devoid
Waking, I clutch last vestige of a dream

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