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James Ambuehl

A dedicated reader, writer, collector and bibliographer of the Cthulhu Mythos, James Ambuehl lives in the frozen wastes of Minnesota — which he aptly calls Ithaqua-Land — is happily married to a wonderful sometimes Cthulhu-writer, and keeps way too many books and papers stacked precariously in their tiny apartment. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

James has had nearly 100 stories published so far, in such markets as Chaosium’s The Ithaqua Cycle (with works forthcoming in the Tsathoggua and Yig cycles as well), Lin Carter’s Anton Zarnak, Supernatural Sleuth, 2 Small Press collections: Correlated Contents (Mythos Books, 1998) and From Between The Star-Spaces (Imelod Publications, 1998), and in many of the various Lovecraftian and Cthulhoid fanzines. And here online, as well. Do a Google search under his name to find them! And most importantly, Lindisfarne Press has plans to publish much of his best work in hardcover form later this year, in Tales of Braving, the first of several volumes which will collect his body of work. And aye, he is happy, indeed! He hopes you enjoy his efforts here, and he is now going to end this and stop talking in third person since it is driving him batty! (Well, madder than is usual, at least.) Email James

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  1. Nickolaus A. Pacione Wrote:

    Congrats on getting on RAGE M a c h i n e Machine. I am working on a story for an urban legend anthology, they are doing a thing called Room 636 on lulu.com. Give it a shot. The story that got me on there is a Vampire / Cthulhu Mythos story called In The Eyes Of A Skull.

  2. Skoteinos Theos Wrote:

    You,sir,are brilliant!

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