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 They can watch the matches
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:41 am
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Mikhail then understood that several thousands of http://www.4fifacoins.com/ men faced similar problems throughout the year. While the wife might allow the husband to watch a particular match or a season, the problem arises when the husband wants to watch - for instance - the Russian league, Spanish league and then the FIFA World Cup in the same year.So the website gives die-hard football fans a way to work around the problem, so that they can watch the matches undisturbed.The wives, with the help of the guardian assigned by the website, can watch a television series during the matches, learn a new language and even have a small holiday. The website also has set up a special lucky draw for a couple, who will have the chance to win a trip to Brazil and watch a 2014 FIFA World Cup match.As per the contract clause of the website, a wife cannot register on her own. Instead, only the husband is allowed to register.And to personalize the gift, the husband can provide a set of pet names such as baby doll, sweetie, sunshine or cutie, which will be used by the guardian to address the man's wife, while presenting her with the gifts chosen by the husband.To set up the website, Mikhail had turned to crowd-funding and received support from thousands of football fanatics, who wanted to get rid of their wives during the sporting extravaganza in Brazil.The report claimed that the crowd-funding target was 1.5 million rubles ($44,517). However, now British-Dutch company Unilever-Rexona has decided to chip in and has promised bear the cost of the entire project on its own.The proposal has received mixed reactions. A fan told MT that it was an excellent idea for the family as the man can watch football and wife is entertained elsew. However, a female football fan labelled doing such things was a 'disgrace'. Diego Maradona who lent support to Luis Suarez Maradona appeared at a television programme, De Zurda, in Rio de Janeiro, wearing a T-shirt containing a message in support of Suarez. The message read "Luis We are With You" . Furthermore, Maradona claimed the way FIFA treated him was as if he had commited a heinous crime.Diego Maradona, himself no stranger to controversy , has come down heavily on FIFA. "This decision is a disgrace," the football legend said. "I can't understand this. Who did Suarez kill to get this kind of ban. Why don't [Fifa] handcuff him and send him to Guantanamo [Bay]?"He also termed the decision to ban him "unbelievable". "A FIFA player works hard the whole year to be able to FIFA play at the FIFA World Cup, and Luis scored 29 FIFA goals and they kick him out of the FIFA World Cup like this."To add fuel to the fire he did not let an opportunity to make fun of some FIFA's decisions slip past him. "Remember [Zinedine] Zidane and what he did in that [2006] FIFA World Cup final? FIFA then gave him the Golden Ball," said Maradona at the TV show.Suarez was not to blame for the way he reacted and it was a part of the FIFA game, according to the former FIFA World Cup winning Argentine skipper. "They don't understand the feelings of fans."Diego Lugano, the current Uruguayan captain, too defended the actions of his star forward. "They treat him like a criminal. Escorted by the police [out of the Uruguay camp].
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