Why do you play muds?

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Why do you play muds?

Post by Furu »

Let's hear why. My friends say i am lame for playing text games, so i told one of my friends that you use your imagination, it's like reading an interactive book. So he said "You aren't supposed to use your imagination in games, the graphics are what they are there for", so i just said they are for gamers with imagination and intelligence, and he got a little bit angry.

Personally, i play MUDs because they have a lot more features than graphical games (minus the graphics), the worlds are often larger and more interactive than graphical games, plus everyone is generally nicer on MUDs, (except enforced RP and someone is evil).

And the Roleplaying - When i was younger i would often make a story in my head and do the dialogue on games such as Abe's Oddysee, i would make my own story in my head whilst playing the game. I still do that sometimes today.

Well, thats it. I don't know if it is in the wrong section of the forums, because there are only two for the game.

Thanks, looking forward to input,

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Post by mgpnt »

mud games are revelation for me at least for the fact that i can play them from everywhere where i have internet connection. simple telnet client do the right job, and it is installed on every windows and linux system by default [on vista you should run its installation manually, but it is in basic package]. for mac i do not know.

secondly, it is not single player game, and feeling that there is always someone who play at the same time gives me enough satisfaction. you can chat, and using gossip you could find some real person to help you when you are stuck.

it is free. or at least all mud games i have read about.

there are communities of various worlds, which survive for years. great number of games and each game is the world big enough for years of play [at least for me].

you do not have to have expensive machine to play.

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Post by Quanqued »

Lots of great reasons to play! Since Mac OS-X is based on BSD; it, like Linux, comes with telnet as a core utility. You should just be able to open a command line and type in telnet as normal.

There are a number of excellent clients you can choose from if you don't want to use telnet, however you can play the entire game with just your basic telnet client :) (I did for years).

There are quite a number of muds that are pay to play, however CthulhuMud is not, and has no plans to be anything other than completely free. We host and run the game because it's fun, and there are interesting people who play.

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Post by alinamillor »

Fiction fans love to read your favorite heroes in the most exciting. The mighty warrior defeated the forces of dark sorcerer tendency to enslave a nation. A ruthless murderer to find the light in his soul, and using his powers for the greater good. Many people dream of being able to read stories about the heroes of his own imagination.
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Post by mackpetra »

I play muds because mud games are revelation for me at least for the fact that i can play them from everywhere.
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