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JJ Burke
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we're planning a youtube video for fantastic horror.. why don't we make one for the temple too? everybody can help by collecting bits and pieces to be arranged together. maybe we can vote on music and stuff. maybe yogi will come out of hiding and team up with odin2 to yodel us a hymn from their church.

we can be just like the little rascals. c'mon fellers, let's put on a show! oh no, somebody glued the baby to the floor!
A monkey riding a dog is probably the awesomest thing that could ever happen.
Contributors wanted! Fantastic Horror — Original Works of Disturbing Imagination
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E.A. Lovecraft
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we can be just like the little rascals.
A Mythos spin on Our Gang could be kinda cool.
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Eternities End wrote:The Terrible Old Man

Really well done too

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