Outer Gods and Elder Things

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Outer Gods and Elder Things

Post by Enkil »

There are no entries for these. We should make them, even if it's just a list of who belongs to each.
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Re: Outer Gods and Elder Things

Post by Eternities End »

Enkil wrote:There are no entries for these. We should make them, even if it's just a list of who belongs to each.
I agree...
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Post by JJ Burke »

there was brief talk of narrowing the focus of the wiki. so for this idea, i suggest we stick to the original hpl entities as described by hpl himself. and don't just copy the text from somewhere else, but create some original content. maybe a special dossier type page for each one... i'll do one if you do one
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things aren't gods

Post by cultistofvertigo »

Elder THINGS? THat wouldn't be a category, that's a species. Also, it isn't what HPL called them. So, you could go with... an Old Ones article, but then you might have to chage the name, or something like, call the page Elder Thing and mention that they were only dubbed that later by a very confused Derleth.

Narrowing it down, however, is a very good idea. Now i think I can try to work on it. That would please me. God knows this should beat the, uh... what is it, Godzilla wiki or wikizilla or something? That whole thing is copy-and-pasted from wikipedia except for a lavish throne to the Greatest Old Idea Bagan. Of course, there's other sites for that. THere is not a single comprehensive guide that I have seen dealing with the entirety of the mythos or even just hpl's stuff. This is actually needed.
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Post by bronbal »

This is interesting. I need to check it further

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