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 Hatfield own signature and the date of sale of shoes
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:48 am
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It is printed designer Tinker Nike Air Max 95 Womens Hatfield own signature and the date of sale of shoes and shoe insole within the name. March 26, at the beginning of this shoe Nike Lab X 158, to develop retail stores and Nike official website synchronization board aircraft sales. As Nike's top distributor, located near Shanghai Jing'an Temple buyers shop DOE will be held at 12:00 on March 26 began sale on running shoes. Zhu Yinjun shop person in charge told reporters interface, Air Max Zero is priced at 999 yuan, with the experience once worked at Nike, he expects this "at least 100 people lined up, is expected to be sold out within an hour." Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of Nike brand experience store has been open now, Beijing Sanlitun store will take the message to register in advance, decided by lot purchase rights. March 8 this day, Shanghai New Jiangwan City in Yangpu District No. 99 Road football stadium, a huge white awning sprung. Full of rhythmic music Nike Roshe Run Flyknit and sound password, 1000 wearing a printed fluorescent "hook" movement vest women, follow the world beach volleyball champion Zhang Xi, the world sprint champion Allyson Felix and professional fitness coaches together to complete a a full four hours of continuous aerobic exercise. This carnival rally sports has meant, in fact, Nike to promote women's sports and fitness activities held, the event was named "N + TC Tour", Nike hopes this year to further develop China's women's sports market. Similar to a band concert tour in each city, after Shanghai, the Nike team will continue in Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou and Beijing do the same thing, and to organize different woman kilometers road race event in April. In the early 1980s, Nike has realized the potential of the female market, but the market has never been the same attention. Last October 22, the official opening of the New York Nike Nike Women 2015 spring and summer series, when the company's CEO Mark Park represents to 2017 fiscal year, Nike's goal is female income Nike Air Max 90 Mens scale product line from $ 5 billion today increase to $ 7 billion. A month later, in an important business district in Shanghai, the ICC iAPM four, Nike China's first women's experience store opened. The world's largest sports brand sound vastly positive potential into women's sports market. Taking into account the female consumers of sports attire in addition to the requirements of easy to use, also called fashion, in product design, Nike began to frequent cross-border cooperation with fashion designers, designers are listed in the list of its cooperation German designer Johanna Schneider, there are also Japanese fashion brand Sacai. And all of these designer models of cooperation in China for sale. However, only better-looking product far from sufficient to establish superiority in this new market, either Adidas or New Balance are planning to aggressively develop the Chinese market women. So Nike think we need to do further - to consumers spread knowledge of fitness, guide them to lifestyle changes. "Our biggest problem is not to keep up with the question, how is able to guide it, so that consumers can always have a brand that I went to see the band farther and more fun stuff." Nike Greater China senior propagation Director HuangXiangYan said. To expand the N + TC Tour and open enrollment news in China, the earliest in the first micro-channel and Nike + platform release. Nike + Training Club (N + TC) and Nike + Running Nike developed two health tracking application, the former mainly for women, in more than 100 training programs, coaching in the form of video clips demonstration exercise movement; the Nike Air Max 90 Mens latter is a record actors running mileage routes App, running shoes and labeling conditions and weather conditions. Each completed one kilometer headphones participants will be heard several kilometers by its push notification and cadence, running over, some people voice prompt will tell you that just ahead of ourselves. Nike opinion, whether you download N + TC or download Nike + Running suggest that you would be their target audience, this activity may be of interest. Globally, 900 million women now download the Nike + Running, most of which are heavy users of this App, or a cultural currents running fans. In China, running and fitness culture is swept at an incredible rate, living in Shanghai is a city of Iris Lin runner. Iris in fashion retailer I.T group work, from 2013 started using Nike + Running. 2-3 times a week running her unshakeable habit, and to run data screenshot New Balance 410 Womens Share circle of friends. In addition to wearing Nike + FuelBand bracelet, basic sports equipment are all from Nike. For her, running flip to earn Fuel Points ring records make exercise more fun. "In addition to N + TC and Running, I will hand App Nike + Fuel ring," Iris told news reporters interface, "Every day I give myself the amount is sure to set the 2,000 meters, I think this is an incentive, because I with more than a year has now become a habit, basically I can not stop. "+ TC and Nike + Running these two applications, Nike not only provide services to female consumers through N, supplied to the data shared by these Nike app also formed a new community. "You may think of others going to eat after work, you're going to exercise, you are alone, in fact, today there are 999 individuals and the same." HuangXiangYan told news reporters interface.
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