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 when you lift when the chin also pointed out
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:33 pm
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Wedding photographs, once in a lifetime, how to position themselves to stay in this beautiful place you like, leaving the most beautiful memories in this life, to shoot memorable wedding, wedding Seaview want to make it Seaview wedding posing posture how should we do?
1, when the camera body can slightly forward, this way, the face will be more three-dimensional vision, the whole area will be relatively narrow face.
2, do not use too many bright rouge and mascara, eyeliner make-up, it will make the eyes seem to become small. In the face of meat and more places with shadow, in the T-zone with highlights. But the best selection of lipstick Vintage Prom Dresses with a glossy, so the wedding photos looked very delicate makeup.
3, make your way through the chin sharpened, may be a simple little Yang mouth, some people will move the ear, the ear when you lift when the chin also pointed out. Professional models have a trick: the back of the tongue against the front teeth of the upper jaw, can make the lower part of the mouth and face look better.
4, to show emotion in his eyes, makes pictures seem affectionate. Even just a POSE, please imagine that you are listening to love to tell Zhongchang smile, do not depending on when the two eyes glazed.
5, the front nose slightly higher than the position of the lens, allows the contours of the face look more beautiful, and to reduce shadows under the eyes.
6, more wearing dark color of the wedding dress, because of the low intensity or pink shirt will www.promdresses2016.us.com bring out the delicate face Kong Wuguan and soft, high brightness of the jacket will have expanded features visual effects.
7. If you are not their best side, then let people take the camera Biexian trouble, multi-angle change, a change to take a point of view, there is a quasi is nice. Whether the use of lighting, distance or command position, in short, to highlight the best features of a particular characteristic, or advantage, it will make a big highlight compete visual center of gravity of the entire screen.
8, tighten the chin, make faces showing elegant posture, eyes looking up slightly from the next, it will be more piercing, more eyes.
Wedding photographs, to retain their most beautiful side, shoot their own most cultured, the most attractive side, you want to shoot wedding with sea view, then, how to put pose Seaview Cheap Prom Dresses Online wedding, wedding photographs afraid the situation new people, listening to the views of small series presented now, is not afraid of an accident, now, just enjoy the happy moments belong to you now!
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