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 a Wii along with another console
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:18 am
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 as you're the first person to write to N-Box a letter this long using absolutely no punctuation whatsoever.Good job.Link's a RightyI saw on the site that you said that Link was right handed in the original legend of Zelda on nes.Ok, I hate to sound like a fanboy, but im pretty sure that Link was left handed even in the original nes game.Phillip responds: Actually, Link was in fact right-handed in The Legend of Zelda on NES.The picture below proves it.Nintendo Pushes TechnologyI would first like to say, I actually didn't know you would put this in the mailbag Very Happy But thanks for the warning.Second off, your right on the iPod comparison, I kind of new you would say that, but I couldn't' use Nintendo DS as my only example because it is, yet again, a Nintendo product.I wanted to show it with another product, and as it seems, iPod is the closest thing.Your right on about Nintendo, to a point.They aren't about advancing technology, like Sony and Microsoft, when it comes fifa 16 coins to processing power.But when it comes to gameplay? I think they are.You sued Mac's to prove your point.You used them because they are powerful.You know, I use Macs as well.Why? Not just because of the power behind it, but more so because the GUI is a lot better then what Window's offers.Windows GUI us boring, and in my opinion, bland.Mac's OS X is interesting and continues to move forward with every major release of OS X.With Nintendo, they care more about gameplay then they do processing power, and I do hope thats not always the case.But for now, Nintendo has found a niche and they are sticking with it.They saw a problem with their company, and they sought out to fix it.They saw that the market wasn't growing at a fast rate, and they wanted to take a stab at it.I personally hope they can make the market grow, I think they can, but nonetheless FIFA gamers will buy a Wii along with another console, if not at launch then later down the road.Therefore, Nintendo will win this time around.Why? Well, think about it.If everyone who buys a PS3 Xbx 360 buys a Wii, then who has the most sales? And in this case, Nintendo would have made much more then Sony MS, and can afford to do the proper ad's next-next gen, plus buffer specs (I hope Nintendo does this, because this niche will not work next time around.People will want better graphics).But Nintendo didn't really enhance the technology they used.With the touch screen on the DS, it works just like a touch screen, it isn't partically better then other touch screens, and with the motion sensor controller, you can say they moved it forward because this controller works a lot better then what was available before.But, the actual technology they used did they advance it? I don't think so.Anyway, I may have blabered on too much, but who care's.I said what I had to say, and thats what matters.Phillip responds: I can't remember exactly what I said in my response about the Nintendo vs.
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