Official Reopening of the Lovecraft Archive at the Temple of Dagon

I am happy to announce the return of the Lovecraft Archive, which contains a large collection of stories, poems, essays, and collaborations by the master himself – Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Last Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of Lovecraft’s death, and with it the end of a lot of ambiguity surrounding the copyright law interpretations. Enjoy! Visit the Lovecraft Archive at the Temple of Dagon

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  4. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    Good to see that you got the archive launched again, that is what started the site to begin with. So I guess Lovecraft’s catalog are officially in public domain too now. I’ve been looking to replace one of my Lovecraft books because it’s seen better days but the book I have is edited by Joyce Carol Oates, I have a book that features a story by her and its alongside the works of H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth.

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