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The Eldritch Gazette June/July Issue Now Officially Out!07/16/06

The Special June/July Issue of the Eldritch Gazette has finally been released. Clickhere to begin rummaging through its yellowed, age worn pages.

News from The Eldritch Gazette

News:07/15/06-The June/July Special Edition is near completion, and will be posted later on this day, the 15th of July, 2006. The Center Column on The Eldritch Gazette website has already been adjusted to fit the New/Upcoming Issues, and the New “Musician of the Month”, has been posted as well.

To view, click here.

The Mythos Wiki is now open!

The Temple of Dagon’s new Mythos Wiki is officially open! There is a lot of great information up already, and much more to come. Be sure to take a look, and if you like, add something new. With everyones help it will continue to grow! I would like to especially thank A. T. Tsalazar and Jesus Prime for their excellent work adding in articles and helping set everything up. Visit the Mythos Wiki at http://wiki.templeofdagon.com!