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Album Review: Hymns of the Cthulhu Mythos by The Ziggurat

As you can gather from the title this lot have written most of an album inspired by the mythos of HP Lovecraft. The last song “Torso,” is a short blast of pure gore metal, complete with a sound clip to kick it off. The rest is Slayer-esque black/death metal, delivered with speed and menace. Alas, the mastering of this CD is patchy and some of the music really gets lost in the mix. Read »

Album Review: Poisoned Dreams by The Unquiet Void

Yet another ambiant CD based on the works of HP Lovecraft. There seems to be a real glut of Cthulhu-inspired music at the moment. Guess the Great Old One is stiring again and affecting musician’s minds. He needs to try harder. This is an all instrumental album that I assume was done to accompany the reading (and for some of us writing) of mythos tales. Read »

Movie Review: Dagon

With any movie purporting to be based on Lovecraft there is for the aficionado a sense of dread in the background of all viewings of the latest attempt to film the basically unfilmable. Thus it was when my friend called me up and told me he had seen a new HPL movie in the store entitled Dagon. Read »