Cinematic Adaptations of Lovecraft Literature

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Cinematic Adaptations of Lovecraft Literature

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I am currently engaged in some research work on Lovecraft, and am interested in gathering some data specifically about cinema adaptations of his work (especially those which are direct adaptations, rather than movies only influenced by Lovecraft).

My starting point is that film adaptations of Lovecraft are generally of poor quality or badly recieved (however, please feel free to debate this). Therefore my questions break down like this (there may be some overlap in the queries);

1. What do you think are the main problems in adapting the literature of Lovecraft to the screen, and why do you feel that, in general, it doesn't work?

2. How do you feel that film-makers have dealt with concepts such as 'nameless', 'abbhorent', and 'unspeakable' - words which are a regular trope of his writings? How do you think that they could tackle these in future adaptations?

3. What narrative elements of Lovecraftian fiction cause further complications in adaptation?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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