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Vito del Valle

Vito del ValleVito del Valle lives in small South Texas barrio town seven miles from the Mexican border. Mexican folktales and the brujeria and curandero culture of the region have influenced his outlook on the world he lives in giving rise to imaginative fiction.

Vito del Valle’s short stories have been published in Writer’s In Literary Discussion’s Writers’ Block, a South Texas College literary magazine. Vito won WILD’s 3rd place story award for his story The Family Ghost. He continues to write strange and weird tales of science fiction and horror.

Since his childhood, Vito has surrounded himself with books and magazines of science fiction and the supernatural. It was at the age of twelve when he discovered the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Vito was an instant acolyte into the Cthulhu Mythos. Vito reads five books a month and tries his damnedest to write at least a thousand words a day.

Vito del Valle has an associate’s degree in networking from South Texas College and is Network+ certified. He works part-time as a web designer and lives at home taking care of his elderly parents, whom he loves dearly. Vito is single and is looking to date a tattooed librarian in a mini skirt. Email Vito

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  1. Nickolaus PAcione Wrote:

    Tattoo’d Librarian in a miniskirt, good one. I like to know where I can find one of those around here.

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