Kraken’s Eye

I. The Eye

It sees unfeeling, never relenting
With its azure gaze upon the deep sea
Never it closes, and never blinking
Its stare transfixing the godless marine
Carven of flesh yet as lasting as stone
Soft to the fingers, but hard to the blow
Dredged from the depths; from a prison of bone
Proof of malignancy hidden below
Accursed rover, gazing forever
Watching as the aeons roll slowly past
Sentinel staring, cease its watch never
Passed on through ages, outliving the last
Cerulean eyeball fashioned in depths
Kraken’s eye watches, and never forgets

II. The Storm

Imprisoned in transit, precious cargo
Voyage across oceans, journey degrees
Over the North Sea, to Denmark and home
Eager once more friends and family to see
Suddenly winds with all Hell’s fervour blow
Tossing and thrashing our craft betwixt waves
Sea tempests rising, oddly from below
Threaten to send to watery graves
Torture and torment, Neptune is laughing
Swelling and spraying, break upon the deck
Bleed inwards from wounds, ship soon is dying
Frantic, all writhe, level surging to necks
Soon not just bodies are flogging the spray
Kraken’s eye watches Him join in the fray

III. The Reign

Under melancholy waters it sleeps
And no more a husk of chitinous bone
Woken abruptly while dead in the deep
Now He has risen to reclaim His throne
Kin of the Old Ones, from stars far away
From whence he has journeyed epochs ago
Unlike his kinfolk, those trapped in R’lyeh
Unfettered from slumber, free now to roam
Watching the waves above Him passing by
Lingering longer than life on the land
Waiting resignedly beneath the sky
Until stars are right, when at his command
His millennia-old plan will unfurl
Kraken’s eye watches the end of our world

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