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Stefano Magliocco

Currently toiling away on a two books that will never be published, a second screenplay to join the first (neither will ever be filmed), and writing lyrics for a band I’m not even in. I’m such a wasted talent…

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16 Responses to “Stefano Magliocco”

  1. Liebra Malocca Wrote:

    in italian my name is Libera Magliocco we are trying to locate our lost cousins, please if interested email me.

  2. Pietro Wrote:

    Ciao Stefano, sei italiano? Ti interesserebbe pubblicare i tuoi racconti in una prossima antologia di storie lovecraftiane?

  3. Jesus Prime (Stefano) Wrote:

    Sorry, Pietro, I don’t speak much Italian.

  4. Nickolaus A. Pacione Wrote:

    I am checking out The Thorn Within. I noticed you are also a fan of Metallica I see. I am also of Italian heritage too and needing to check out some of your work too, I am doing a nonfiction anthology myself too of true stories that are scary as hell.

  5. Jesus Prime (Stefano) Wrote:

    Yeah, I thought the name “Thorn Within” suited the piece, as it captures the character of Trenton Hunt quite well.

  6. Michele Magliocco Wrote:

    How many Magliocco’s are in the States? I’ve grown up as one my whole life and didn’t know that there were any but us around. Very interested, please email me

  7. Jesus Prime (Stefano) Wrote:

    Sorry, Michele, but I’m not from the states, I’m from Northern Ireland. However, I think there are (or were) Maglioccos in New York – look up Giussepe Magliocco and see. 😛

  8. Liebra Malocca Wrote:

    Michele Magliocco you can contact me at elpels64@hotmail.com as i a Magliocca live in florida, glad to help.

  9. Romano Malocca Wrote:

    Hi Liebra
    Are you Tomas Malocca’s daughter from Dundalk. Sister Majella et al?
    Hope to speak to you again after all these years.

  10. Joseph Lake Wrote:

    I am living in Florida, I am searching for information of my mother Marie B. Magliocco born November 26th, 1938 in Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, daughter of Anthony Magliocco, son of Angelo Magliocco from Lago, Calabria, Italy. If you can help or know of any information please contact me at jlake@x1million.com
    I am a writer also Stefano.

  11. joni abate spires Wrote:

    Hi there JLake, My name is Joni Spires. I am also looking for my Calabrian family, Magliocco/Philly. Please contact me as I have tried to contact you and I am not spam. Thanks Joni

  12. joni abate spires Wrote:

    Hi again Joseph, Joni Spires here. I’ve tried to email and hope that it gets through, please let me know, again, thanks, Joni

  13. Anthony Wrote:

    My name is Anthony Magliocco. There are about 20-30 of us in California. Amag@astound.net

  14. magliocco vincenzo Wrote:

    bonjour je suis né a paris en 1957,mon pere magliocco angelo est né a casalaticco italie en 1929,beaucoup de notre famille sont parti aux etat unis en france et aussi en irlande,le nom en anglais a été modifié en malocca.
    voila ce que je sais

  15. Tom Maglicco Wrote:

    My Grandfather name was Magliocco, His name was changed to Maglicco, I’ll post more tomorrow I have the town his was from at my work. Tom Maglicco

  16. Mary Franklin-Young Wrote:

    Hi Stefano, My grandfather was Joseph Mario Magliocco, born in 1897 to James Magliocco and wife Mary Ann (Nolli). They immigrated to New York with 10 of their 12 children(I think) in the first decade of the 1900’s. Two of the children were named Mary and Sylvia. Joseph moved out to California and worked as head lighting technician for RKO Studios and MGM in the 1930’s. I believe the town he was from was Frosinone,Italy. Mary

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