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Ran Cartwright

Ran has been writing in various genre and in various forms for years. But his favorite to which he finds himself returning to time and time again is Lovecraftian Horror.

He has had several Lovecraftian stories published in various fanzines, cyberzines, and a recently released Lovecraftian Collection (Gretchen’s Wood, Publish America 2005). Forthcoming publications include a Clark Ashton Smith inspired tale (Lost Worlds of Space and Time Volume Two, Rainfall Books), two Lovecraftian tales (Innsmouth Tales, Rainfall Books), two non-Lovecraftian tales (Strange Stories Volume One, Rainfall Books), and a non-Lovecraftian Chapbook (Tales From Darktowne, Naked Snake Press 2006).

Two of Ran’s Lovecraftian stories were recommended for Bram Stoker Awards (2000).

Ran currently lives in northwestern Pennsylvania in a rather large Civil War era farmhouse (the corner stone says 1862) with two rather devious cats. He works for the feds as an archaeologist and is an avid biker (of the Harley-Davidson kind). Email Ran

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  1. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    Hey man I didn’t noticed this that we both have a Naked Snake Press connection. I was on there with House of Spiders 3.

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