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Nickolaus PacioneNickolaus Albert Pacione is a native to the state of Illinois, grew up most of his life in Du Page County and lived briefly in Iowa. He currently spends time between his apartment in Justice, Illinois, where he lives with two room mates then in Morris, Illinois, tending to his relatives. H.P. Lovecraft is the reason why he says he picked up the pen to begin with. Best known for the website Writings From The Grave, and the story which is the centerpiece of the website, Darkness >From The Skies. He was born 3 Aug 1976 (Elk Grove Village, Illinois.) Well respected in the underground and hated by gothic.net. The other writers who read his work easy compare him to Lovecraft himself, not since Lovecraft himself had a writer of this nature created an impact. He became published in print by age twenty-eight, and will be coming out with a novella co-written by Barbara Marjanovic. His work is rooted in hardcore horror and the Cthulhu Mythos, then he also toys around with writing Science Fiction. His new home isn’t far from where Robert Bloch was born. His books can be found on lulu.com and the anthology he’s published in is found on ebooksondisk.com (Reality Check: An Anthology Of Horror.) Email Nickolaus

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