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James A. Vargscarr

James A. VargscarrJames A. Vargscarr is a sporadic writer of weird fiction. His stories evolve in a pool of inspiration fed by sleeping gods, Teutonic blood, forgotten mountains, and pattern-welded steel; the soup of which percolates through a membrane of philosophy that the gross introspection of a curious mind inevitably engenders. An Englishman, he currently resides in Canada with his collection of hand forged swords; and is happily married.

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2 Responses to “James A. Vargscarr”

  1. JJ Burke Wrote:

    these are really good. i especially identified with the unique character clayton kimble, whose motivations are not scholarly or occult in nature, but ingrained in his core sense of existence. i will certainly read anything else you contribute!

  2. Gudrun B. Wrote:

    ‘The Angle In The Room’ is an incredibly imaginative piece. Not only were the visuals conveyed through the text vivid and terrifying in their own right, but also in relation to the ideas for future terrors that the writing engenders.

    More classically stylistic than I am used to enjoying, I do not as of yet have many words for ‘The Final Dream…’ It is an amazing story that incites a feeling of sickly panic coupled with a sense of becoming increasingly (and more desperately) lost as the reader moves into and through the piece. One can expect rooms and landscapes so richly and intricately decorated and full of feeling that one does not wish to stop looking – unmoving and unblinking – even when standing precisely in the place in which he or she does not wish to be. There is also something to be said of the emotional state created that makes curious discomfort absolutely stimulating.

    Very impressive work.

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