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Eric Norton

Eric NortonE. W. Norton began his current round of material existence in the fairly well known city of Los Angeles, CA. However, within mere months of arriving in that sunny, warm land he was wisked away to the frozen hinterlands known as Minnesota. He found the Minnesotans to be a placid and naive folk.

As he approached maturity, he discovered that the idyllic tundra in which he had been raised was concealing a dark secret. There existed a macabre remnant of the past of which the community appeared to be totally unaware – cadaverous artifacts which lurked a mere span beneath the feet of its citizenry. For, as E. W. Norton undertook the excavation of a shaft in a unsuspecting neighbor’s backyard, he found himself exhuming the remains of a slaughtered multitude.

Subsequent investigation regarding the nature of the skeletal material disclosed that he had stumbled on none other than the mass graves of untold numbers of butchered swine. Much to his dismay, his fellow inhabitants seemed unconcerned with this eerie remainder from the area’s bygone era of pig farming.

Dire assertions that the community was in danger of a host of porcine revenants arising to take vengence upon all of humanity fell upon deaf ears. All of his efforts to ensure the safety of his neighbors by performing rituals of protection to keep the evil at bay were met with derision. Issuing one last warning that a horrible fate undoubtedly awaited the ingrates, he set off to find less charnel lands.

His journeys brought him to a region called Tennessee, wherein he found still more placid and naive folk, (and some not-so-placid-and-naive folk who had an unpleasant fondness for making people “squeal like a pig”). Although the mountains of Tennessee held great beauty, and the nuclear laboratories afforded an easy livelihood, he eventually determined that his destiny lay elsewhere, (any rumors concerning his exodus being precipitated by an angry crowd with torches are completely unfounded – and defamatory).

He went on to spend several years in the moribund and brooding suburbs of Wheaton and Naperville which fall beneath the shadow of that dark citadel known as Chicago. There he studied the ways of those who manipulate artificial encephalons to do their bidding. Upon having mastered this arcane art, he once again set forth.

His travels then brought him to the boreal regions of Northern Maine. It is there where he resides to this day. In this place he engages in various pursuits of disrepute and general inadvisability. In addition to finding sustenance via the manipulation of the aforementioned artificial encephalons, he formulates eldritch tales and euphemisms of dubious worth, contemplates the hidden mechanisms of reality, watches for the omens of the eschaton, and attempts to avoid further confrontations with torch-wielding mobs. Email Eric

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  1. Bozo Madrid Wrote:

    THis is the sweetest thing ive read since LOTR. You are my new hero! I love you

  2. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    Ready to go print? I am going to unleash you in issue 11 because you’re from my home area originally — can you do a Cthulhu Mythos yarn set in Wheaton. Since you’ve walked where I walked and called home, I want to run you in The Ethereal Gazette. It’s time for you to scare everyone in the print world.

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