The Heart Stopped

The filling,
of the killing moonbeams has come.
Full circle,
there is a screaming dawn approaching.
In this fiery awakening,
there is a finality.

There is something awake in me,
a demonic glee of knowing,
that after the day is done and gone,
I am alone and my heart does not mind one bit.

I saw her standing at my door.
She came back into my life once more,
and tried to insert herself.
She failed, and ended up deluded and sore.

I have been pushed too far in my heart,
this lump of muscle now useless and it refuses to start.
I let people in too close,
clogging my engine parts with a screeching sound.

Parts stop moving, the engine breaks down.
I am the saddest of the circus clowns.
I let you have me in fullest extent.
Now I am nothing but used up and spent.

Coruplent wishes for a life less faded.
I am so corrupted to the core,
so jaded.
I will never again open my heart to another.
Oh give me break,
oh please,
oh brother.

This is not an insane circumstance.
It is the time when I stop my heart on a lance.
I am done dancing the dance of love.
No more, I’m done, and embrace the numbness glove.

One Response to “The Heart Stopped”

  1. Gary Wrote:

    it was such a great poem! and then…..glove rhymed with love….No.

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