Falls Away

Ingest one last belief system,
and the life falls away,
into a pale of grey, putrid meat.
Take in one more outsourced code-base,
suckling the corporate babylon,
and the life falls away,
staining your knees in what you kneel upon.

Fragmented at conception,
yet birthed into a wholly-denied exchange,
with a plethora of outstretched reasons
why you talk in tongues when alone.

Battering fist upon your brow,
you seep and sulk and wonder how,
you made far enough to scream,
“Oh my god someone kill this dream!”

Purposeless musing of the mad,
lung is crisping, sick and sad,
on the morning’s newly shaved face,
under duress we anally rape our fate.

I keep on writing down the demise.
Prehensile tails and dragon flies.
Oats that sow beneath the nail,
tortured embellishment of a non-existent hell.

Rub my face in this fecal fiesta.
Test me further,
see my degradation.

Blooming wounds,
on skin left alone.
Broken, sad, tortured in homes,
where parents own the whipping tool,
you little maggot, succulent fool.

The life falls away again.
I cannot feel my soul in here,
behind eyes that reflect all light.
I am alone in crowds at night.

Sitting on you face for fun,
tongue is running,
smoldering gun.

Limitless hue.
Broken mirror.
Shards in an asshole.

A crime scene is being reborn…

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  1. deet Wrote:

    fecal fiesta…….LOL!!!!!!1

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