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DecadenceI am decadence. Aleister and I go way back, so much of this bio is well known to him. Those of you new to me, I am a webmaster/poet/musician/ and all around free-thinker. I enjoy similar interests to those found here, but among my unique obsessions, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft are new to my imaginings. Partly inspired by Aleister’s interest, and partly inspired by actually READING, I have found some neat ways to write, based on art I find from the Cthullu mythos and the myriad of derivative works found therein. I am 25, and I live in Texas, the ass end of space =)

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  1. nickolaus pacione Wrote:

    Hey Man been a while sorry if I was being an ass on da, just been in the hospital. I haven’t been on the DA site in a long time and now just getting caught up with everything. I was just asked to get a column on a magazine. Got any art you can send to them?

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