Five Sisters

Wedged in the hallway between the men’s and women’s toilets, nostrils irritated with smoke and his tongue tasting sweat, he again kissed the young girl, forcing himself upon her as hard as she forced back. His hand between her firm ass and the dirty wall, gripped her tight. He felt rather than heard her pleasurable moan. In his mouth, and hers, the techno beats reverberated as they swapped tongues. Flickering lights from the dance floor burnt through his lids, reminding him again this was a nightclub and not a hotel room, where he’d rather be.

Suddenly their mouths were apart, she pushed back, looked at his face to study his features. “What did you say your name was?” Her accent was thick, but then he was in Australia, everyone had accents here.

“Brian.” He’d been sure she really hadn’t cared until this moment.

“Well Brian, you going to fuck me?”

Pleasantly shocked and not sure what to say, Brian let a stream of patrons jostle past on their to relieve bladders or shoot up to give him a moment to collect his thoughts. He smelt spilt beer wet on his back. Since she had made an effort to remember who he was, he tried to recall her name, and remembered it was Jocelyn. That was all he knew about her, and that she was as cute as all hell. “What, here?”

“No not here,” she laughed at him. Although Brian wouldn’t put it past her that she was the kind of girl who might be thrilled to do so. Close up he saw that her skin was tanned, bronzed like those Aussie woman plastered in the travel brochures. Her hair was a ruffled blonde, but it was her breasts that excited him most; supple and firm, waiting to be squeezed.

“Doing anything tomorrow?”

He frowned, leaned in. He wanted to sound cool and sophisticated, “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” she walked back towards the entrance, forced him to follow if they were to remain in conversation, wiggling her tight ass as she did. At the club doors she turned suddenly and licked his whole face. “We could just have sex, but I see something else in you Brian, someone who’d really get off doing something really kinky? Am I right?”

Brian was so aroused at the suggestion he almost blew himself off right there and then. She grinned deeply seeing the excitement flushing over his face. He was feeling way too hot now and his head was dizzy.

“Then it’s settled. Tomorrow morning, catch the bus to Blackmill, and I’ll be waiting for you.”

Outside now on Rundle Street, the sounds of the nightclub still hammered through the old brick behind them. The fresh air was cooler, easier to breath, and a last he didn’t feel like he was going to faint. He looked around, pubs were still open, mostly with young men smoking or mixed couples drinking beer and spirits. Several women walked the streets alone, and by their style of dress Brian knew they were prostitutes. Had Jocelyn just invited him for a weekend of hot sex? That was as sure as hell as what he’d just heard. He hoped he didn’t have to pay for it.

“Where are you from anyway Brian?” As usual she wasn’t looking at him, hailing a taxi instead.


“Yeah, well I love that accent.” She gave him another wet kiss as her tongue cleaned the inside of his mouth. Finally her eyes found his stares, and he realised the lack of eye contact had fuelled his feeling of a lack of connection, made him doubt that this was real. But not any more, her green eyes up close were endless, and all his. “I really like you Brian, so don’t forget, first bus to Blackmill.” And with that she disappeared with the taxi.

Left alone, a stunned Brian couldn’t believe his luck. Sexy girls like Jocelyn never went for nervous college boys like him, especially ones who were podgy around the middle. Lower down he realised he was still hard, so he quickly called another taxi to sit rather than standing waiting for the night air to cool his urges. The journey was short, to the backpackers’ lodge and his bunk. In a few hours he’d be up again, tired and hung-over, working out where the hell Blackmill was and how to get there. But he didn’t care, the effort most undoubtedly would be worth any pain that it cost him.

He was going to get his first fuck Down Under.


Blackmill was a small, out of the way town in the hills that surround Adelaide. The only way there outside of hiring a car, which he could not afford on his budget, was to catch a bus to Mount Barker, change at Hahndorf and then head east. He found the Hills to be pretty, Australian bush mixed with European oaks amongst red stoned cottages that wouldn’t look out of place in English countryside. Not that Brian had ever been to the United Kingdom, but he’d seen plenty of pictures. After Hahndorf the terrain changed again, more bush, less oaks and far less houses. Mostly he saw farms with fields of sheep and cattle. He even spotted wild kangaroos and tried to take a picture with his digital camera.

When he stepped off at Blackmill the sun was high enough to bake the top of his head. At least it was a nice day, a good sign he thought. As the bus roared onwards leaving him he slipped on his Lakers cap and took a moment to take in his surroundings; a deli, a post office and a small café that sold soft drinks, pies and sausage rolls. It looked normal, but it didn’t feel normal, not in the slightest.

Brian couldn’t put his finger upon what unsettled him, perhaps it was the nervous eyes of a couple watching him from behind curtained windows, or a house cat slinking backwards down the road with its hairs poised, as if he were a savage animal. Then he realized neither the eyes nor the cat were looking at him, but at someone approaching from behind.


Shocked by how close the voice was, he turned to see Jocelyn. In a mini-dress, her weight balanced on one slim leg, the other cocked slightly forward. Her t-shirt pressed against her breasts barely holding them in, but otherwise enhancing their perfect shape, while the formation of nipple imprints confirmed that she wore no bra. She looked the part of a model from a men’s magazine, or the soft porn Brian liked to watch back home with his college buddies. She was smiling at him now, and he concluded that this was the best thing about her.

“Glad you made it Brian. I was starting to think you were lost.”

He smiled back at her, straightened himself out so he would appear confident, even though he did not feel that way. There wasn’t a minute that had gone by since last night that he hadn’t considered this all to be a hoax. But she was here wasn’t she, and that could only be a good sign? He tried to say something clever, but the best he came out with was, “You didn’t tell me how hard it was to get here?”

“Yeah well, Blackmill’s kind’a out of the way, but we’re not staying long anyway.” She pointed to a car, a small hatch back. “We’re driving out to a place called Five Sisters.”

“Never heard of it?”

“Not many people have. And you being from America, well I kind of suspected that.”

As they sped out of town, Brian couldn’t help noticing the relief on the local’s faces.


In the car he watched her as much as he watched the drive before them. From Blackmill the roads became windier and the hills steeper, until they were regularly driving across cliff faces into deep bush.

“You travelling alone Brian?” her hand casually scratched an itch on her inside thigh, opening her legs wide as she did.

“What do you mean?” He found himself staring, trying to guess the colour of her underwear. A glimpse of something pink suggested that she wore none. And then suddenly they closed again.

“Oh, I took you for a backpacker, that’s all.” Her voice sounded far more interested in what he might say now than anything he’d told her about himself last night, “If you had a friend with you or not?”

“Yeah, well no one else wanted to join me travelling when we all finished college. My friends wanted to do the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Me, I wanted to do something different.”

“Australia isn’t that different. If you want different you should have tried Thailand, or South Africa, Peru even.”

He’d tried to sound tough, more worldly-wise now that she had quickly shot him down. “Well,” he said embarrassed, not sure how to finish his sentence. When he had been leaving the States Brian had thought he was being adventurous by travelling to Australia, but once he’d arrived in Sydney he’d been surprised at how well travelled most Australians were, for their concepts of adventure far exceeded his own. Perhaps that was what came from living in a land of vast wilderness; their fear was lessened. He tried again to finish what he had started to say, “I thought I’d begin in Australia, then maybe head up to Singapore or something. Do Asia.”

“You should.”

“You been?”

“No,” she chuckled as if her answer would be obvious, “no need to. Experience came to me.”


He found her words odd, and was about to ask what she meant when she took a sharp turn off the main road, onto a dirt track disappearing into the bush. “We’re almost there Brian. Are you ready to fuck my brains out?”

He physically shuddered. So this wasn’t a lie, wasn’t a set up, she genuinely wanted kinky sex with a stranger. If this wasn’t a lie, he certainly wasn’t going to disappoint her. In moments he found himself sitting taller, and a smile grew big on his face.

Five hundred feet later she stopped the car and clambered out. He noticed that she left the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. Perhaps the locals were really trustworthy here, either that or they were really isolated. He laughed silently when he thought that no one would hear her scream.

“Ready for a walk?” she pointed up the hill, its peak lost in the Australian scrub. He sized her up, she was fit while he had hardly walked anywhere in his life before his arrival in Down Under. He wondered if he’d keep up. As if reading his mind she said, “Don’t worry, it’s not that far. And besides, you said you wanted to do something kinky. So if you’ve got the energy, you still up for it?”

Brian flushed as adrenalin surged, he’d walk to the top of the hill if it killed him, if that was the price for what he suspected would be the best sex he was ever going to have in his life. Perhaps they’d screw while swimming in a lake, or he’d chase her naked through the bush. The dirty thoughts filling his mind were numerous and erotic. These thoughts would give him any mountain of strength.

Onwards they climbed until the car was lost in the foliage behind them. Always ahead she finally looked back, saw him struggling until she decided to wait and take his hand. He liked the feel of her soft skin against his.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you Brian.”

He was panting, barely able to acknowledge her words.

“There are others?”

“Others?” His whole body shuddered, either from fear or excitement, or both. Five Sisters… no, that was too much to hope. “What do you mean others?”

“Oh my sisters, that’s all. You know when I said I wanted to do something kinky, well that what I meant. They like to watch.”

Brian’s heart took off like a sprinter. Every male’s fantasy was about to become real for him. He just hoped he didn’t do anything to ruin the moment.

With a newly found strength they marched on, out of the trees where he was confronted by huge, honeycombed shaped rocks leered out of the earth like ancient guardians. They were the size of houses, composed of old red and brown stone. If they’d had faces Brian was sure they wouldn’t have looked strange to him, for these rocks did gaze down upon them both, stern like judges passing sentence.

“The Five Sisters,” she held up her arms in awe.

Oh, so the watchers were just rocks.

Still this seemed to be the place. With a perfect smile she bounced up to his side, wrapped her delicate arms around his neck and pressed her breasts into his chest. “Before we go on Brian, there’s a little test I’d first like you to pass.”

“A test? What kind of test?” It was too much for his nerves, once again wondering if this was all a practical joke, or the real thing. He didn’t want this uncertainty, only confirmation, which he would only find when he was fucking her. That moment couldn’t be much further away otherwise he was sure he’d crack under the pressure. So if he had to do a test to get to that point, then so be it, and do it quickly he would.

“It’s a simple test… Look, relax Brian no one is going to hurt you. Well not much, but it wouldn’t be kinky if we didn’t hey? Come with me.”

He liked how she used the word ‘we’ and again let her take his hand, to lead him deeper into the rocks. As the clouds passed overhead the Five Sisters grew more ominous, for the moving sky suggested they were falling upon him, silently collapsing, or ready to devour him. Then the wind rushing through their cracks sounded like whistles, maybe even voices. If those voices were mouthing words, he was certain he wouldn’t like what they had to say.

Into the circle of the Sisters they marched. Shear edges of rock reached up dozens of feet on either side as they became lost in shadow. Then they stepped into the centre, and Brian saw the ugliest, most repulsive tree he’d ever seen. His first bodily sensation when he laid eyes on it was that he was nauseous, repulsed by something he didn’t understand.

Describing it was hard. Branches looked more like ropy rat tails, and its leaves were black pussy bulbs sprouting amongst lumpy growths, reminding him of infected pimples ready to burst. At the base it seemed to have three trunks, diverging at its main trunk thus forming a tripod giving it the impression that it was squatting on the natural stone. If it had roots as it must, Brian didn’t know where they were buried, for the rock beneath it seemed solid.

Not that Brian was anything close to what resembled a biologist, but this species was impossible to identify even in broad terms. To him this tree would have been more appropriate in the context of an ocean environment, such as an unclassified sponge or better still a dead and decaying squid. She led him closer, to it! Too numb to resist he let her draw him closer.

By the tree’s side he could see its fine texture, scales over ill-formed lumps. Near the base was an orifice, shaped revoltingly like a sphincter or a vagina. He felt further nausea seeing this part of it up close.

“What is this thing?” His voice sounded odd, like one’s own voice in a dream when trying to scream and failing.

“This is the test,” she said seriously. “If you want to fuck me, you have to pass this test.”

Every inch of Brian’s body, that is except his growing libido, wanted to flee screaming from this place, but this overwhelming need to fuck her surprised him more, as if something he was breathing in the air itself was turning him on.

Before he could answer he heard again the strange sounds wistful in the air, not whistling wind but gibbering and moaning, born from the pain of something unimaginable.

She looked worried for a moment, drawing his eyes back so that they found hers. “Look at me Brian.”

He became mesmerized.

“You stick your hand in there, and if you pass, I’ll be naked straight after that, ready for you to do whatever you want to me. You understand?”

He didn’t know why but she was cross, ordering him to obey as her eyes became wild and all seeing. He hesitated so she ripped off her tee-shirt, her perfect breasts bouncing before him. His erection grew hard. He reached out to touch her but before he could she slapped them away. “Do it Brian!”

Confused, he tried to remember why he was here. Hadn’t he travelled across the world to screw Aussie women? Wasn’t this his ultimate purpose for being here, to try something new, to sample new women in new and exotic locales? This year before career, family, children and investments took control of him, was this not his time to spread his seed in as many corners of the globe as he could?

When put like that, the answer was simple. Yes.

So into the tree disappeared his hand, feeling the softness, its warm moisture not unlike the insides of a woman when she has being simulated. Reaching in further the core of who he was suddenly understood the tree’s fertility, its very purpose in being. Whatever it was, touching him, warming him, it was equally preparing him.

A pain stabbed deep, raced through the palm of his hand, and so he withdrew it quickly. A sore, black and pussy, was bleeding slightly where what he imagined to be a thorn had pierced his skin. Then as the pain grew steadily worse, it was also not unlike an orgasm. He felt his body loose control to that feeling, a force greater than his own libido surging through his body that overtook all control and rational thought. On his knees, he collapsed on the sandy stone beneath him, while his penis swelled to an enormous size, bigger than he could have ever hoped.

Then when he thought the surging would never cease, his head stopped spinning and the pain subsided. He looked upwards to the racing clouds, and the five ancient Sisters reaching over him. Into the picture stepped Jocelyn, completely naked and fresh, at last ready for him to fill her. “You passed Brian, the Shaping Tree accepted you.”

Like a spring he sat up, examined the fine tones of her legs, abdomen and arms, and then lost his mind the blonde hairs between her legs. The desire to take her, to screw her no matter how much it hurt, was all consuming. Somehow, the primordial core of him being told him this had to be done, or the black poison seeping through his veins would kill him.

Up on his feet, ignoring the sting in his hand, he tore away his shirt, then his shoes, pants and lastly ripped his jocks to piece getting them free before falling upon her. She laughed, pulled at his hair while he rode her into the earth and rough stone, bleeding them both. Their mouths joined, as did their groins, and he thrust away, pounding her until pain and pleasure were indistinguishable. It had to be done, and done quickly, or one of them would explode.

Somewhere, in the recesses of his mind, he knew they were not alone. That the moaning was still there, those tearful souls he’d heard earlier were crying for release, reverberating through the Five Sisters.

She fought him back just as hard as he fought her, just as determined, grunting and panting as vigorously as he was. Her moans broken only by the occasional laugh, directed at him. They were not sharing, they were in competition. Even though he didn’t like it he sensed that she was winning.

Distracted for the briefest moment he looked up once, to see numerous women, all naked and young watching them. Like a cult of witches they had formed a circle around the copulating couple. Some laughed with Jocelyn while she wrestled Brian towards orgasm, others were silent, even worried. Lost in his own desires Brian just assumed he imaged the women, with their long hair, slim figures and perfect skin. He just assumed this was an image born from the fever brought on by the black infection.

And then he ejaculated, ecstasy rushing through his veins and every nerve in his body, arching his back, twisting his arms and legs as if he were a crushed spider. As his sperm escaped, never had he experienced sex so powerful, and wondered if it was the poison from the tree that caused his euphoric rush, a real-life aphrodisiac.

Then something shot inside <him>, into the space where his sperm had swam from his penis, penetrating his groin. Pleasure was stung by the sharpest of all pains, deeper than a knife gouge. He collapsed again, panting, sweating, as his strength drained away as cramps took his stomach into a knot.

“We of the Five Sisters, today we bless the Shub-Niggurath the Shaping Tree with this offering.”

Who was speaking he wasn’t sure. Struggling against the cramps he sat, saw that the naked women were real and not of his imagination. In a circle, holding hands they were now chanting. Counting them they numbered twelve, thirteen if he included Jocelyn, and Brian recalled from some half remembered semester subject that this was the magic number of a witches’ coven. Jocelyn was hot, sweat dribbling down her breast, back and into the crevice of her buttocks. She was stepping from woman to woman, kissing them each softly, being congratulated as she did. He saw that she was bloodied and bruised like him. The only difference was she didn’t seem to be in pain, and she wasn’t infected with black oozing sores.

“What is this?” Brain cried as he stumbled on weak knees. He scanned for his clothes, found they had gone. It was as if they had never been, as if none of them would ever required clothing in this sacred site of fertility.

“Shaping Tree, another of your Children is again freed, ready to grow strong, to breed, and to populate.”

Brian squinted at each woman. They came together again holding hands, strong their in formation. Terrified he tried to push through, knowing that it would be hard to escape with the stabbing pain still growing in his belly.

His attempt to escape became a sign, a signal for them to act. The circle broke and the women descended upon him, powerful hands holding him easily now that he was weak from the infection. They forced him further into the sentinel rocks, into caverns where the ever present moaning now grew louder which each approaching step.

The Five Sisters stood tall above, but the rocky gullies below were just as deep, dark cages echoing with the pleas of their prisoners.

The women held him on, their strong grips holding onto each of his limbs, including his head so it would not fail to see, over the lip edge into the darkness. Understanding the moaning at last, these prisoners were men, naked, bruised and bloating. Their skin black with sores, welts and infections matching those growing large on his own hand and penis, only these sores were all over. He didn’t have to be told he was one of them now.

“Please,” he sobbed, understanding at last, “Why are you doing this too me?”

It was Jocelyn was leaned in close to answer Brian, her soft delicate fingers running through his hair as she did, as if she really did care about his well being. “You were chosen by the Shaping Tree Brain. You are blessed.”

“Blessed?” There was no strength in his arms, and his legs would no longer hold him upright if these women had not been here to support him. “Please,” he could barely speak. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“We need children Brian. Humans are not the true creatures of sexuality. Humans are a mistake. The Shaping Trees are the real sexuality of this universe, they shape life as it should be, but they need hosts like us to make it happen. But don’t worry, my child will grow to be strong, and in time she too will have children and the world shall be shaped as it should, into a green and better place.”

“We’re pregnant?” he managed with a tongue that was growing large and numb. How could she know so soon?

When her hand moved, he expected her to touch her own belly. Instead her hand rested over <his> abdomen. “Yes, I’m going to be a proud mother.”

“But if I’m the father, why do you imprison me?” He looked again, at the misshapen men squirming in their filth. “I should be with you?”

Jocelyn only laughed. Her witch-like cackles were of no comfort. “Oh, you’re not the father Brian.” She pointed and the women holding him, indicating that they should turned his weak head, so he could see again the Shaping Tree. It was standing now, shuffling like an animal, ejecting further thick black fluids from its pores. This was not a plant, if it was it should not be able to walk as it did right now.

“The Shaping Tree is the father Brian, and I am the mother.”

“It is?” Brian’s eyes turned wild. “Then who am I?” he managed before his throat finally constricted, as a black sore grew inside his mouth and popped his tongue. He would never speak again. All he could now was to moan and gibber.

She kissed him quickly, showing a strange affection. A maternal affection, “You’re the egg of course.”

They threw him in, deep into the darkness. Strangely the fall didn’t hurt, as if his bones had transformed into jelly, and he bounced.

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