I should have figured that the noise I heard from my bedroom was not exactly typical for my cat. It was uncommon enough for Relic to cough up hairballs; especially hairballs on her or rather my bed. I was writing away at the computer listening to some music when I heard it. In retrospect, it was almost surprising it was not more odd sounding.

To be fair to Relic, I still think I can call her that, there was none of the normal crashing or wrecking of the place that you would expect in such a raucous event.

I remained oblivious to the entire goings-on until Relic came to let me know that she wished my attention.

I didn’t even turn to face her when she entered the room. It was only when I felt a large hand on my shoulder that I realised something was a wee bit amiss. The hand with long claws on it was coloured the same as Relic…in a deep grey fur.

As was the rest of the rather feline looking humanoid standing next to my desk chair with that cat impatient look on it’s face. So impatient was Relic that she lifted me out of my chair and carried me towards the door.

Now those of you with a decadent mind are probably thinking that she was carrying me towards the bedroom door. In actual fact it was the front door; allowing me just enough time to grab my coat. Considering the size of the beast that was my cat, I suspect she could have ripped the door off the hinges with no problem. It was nice of her to let me let her out. Now this was unusual as Relic was an indoor cat, one that only went out to the car or on a lead.

She was a Maine coon cat; not some prissy little Siamese. If you were a follower of fantasy and horror you would expect to have this sort of thing grow out of some more exotic cat from the Middle East or India not some imported cat from Hallowell, Maine.

As I opened the front door to the building and felt myself being lifted aloft again I knew that this was going to be an unusual night.

In no time, we were hopping across roof tops heading towards East London. As I had little else to do; besides wonder if my coming along was such a good idea, I looked around and noticed that feline humanoids were doing exactly the same as Relic…but without their owners.

“I hope I am not some sacrifice to some cat god…” I thought to myself.

Relic was unwilling or unable to chat to me while leaping from rooftop to rooftop. I was not daft enough to assume, like in most movies, that all humanoids naturally speak English. That would be silly…
It must have been an hour of travel before we arrived at our final destination. Most of the travel was on rooftops but some happened in large fields and parks. I have to admit to have no idea where we ended up; it was merely to the east of London in the countryside.

Relic placed me on a hillock nearby with a good view of the gathering of cat creatures. To my relief there were no large pyres or slab of stone to use for sacrifice. There was however a very heavy sense of evil coming from the other side of the opening. I sensed nothing from the cat figures who continued to arrive over the next 30 minutes or so…some of the cats chose to arrive in normal feline form others changed before they arrived like Relic.

There did seem to be some form of leadership amongst the cats…large groupings formed behind some of the larger more impressive figures. Relic, was alas, not the leader.…well probably meant she was less likely to get herself killed as the leaders looked as though they were going to be leading from the front.

The feeling of pervading evil was getting more and more strident…causing me to feel sick to my stomach as if that night’s food had turned against me in some spectacular way. As I waited for the inevitable confrontation…or so I assumed…I again wondered why I had been brought along. And wondered whether it was an honour or a horror I had been granted.

The cats glared at the far side of the clearing; hissing in unison at what they saw. “Well at least they are not worshipping it…” I said to myself relieved.

I began to notice that the darkness at the end of the field was blacker than the rest of the moon lit night and was moving as a mass. It would be several years later that I realise what in fact I was looking at; something I could have done without seeing.

In an instant the black mass reared up and came at the cats who where already moving towards it claws gleaming in the night. The cats made that snarl they make when they are miffed but en masse. Then came the howls of pain and screeching of the entity. The cats were being flung back only to rise and rush the thing again and again…well those that didn’t get back up. I contemplated going down and helping some of the non-moving cats to see if I could help. As I did not speak cat it was probably not for the best.

Some reverted to their original form before they expired while others crawled away to die…at least one made beside me sidling up to me in cat form (rather large in fact) for a bit of human companionship. I think the one that joined me survived with a nasty cut to the abdomen and a missing eye. I scratched the cat between the ears as it, like me, peered towards to the battle.

My cat companion was probably just as amazed as me that the cats were still fighting at such a fevered pace. They were taking loses but considering the evil of the thing not in as high numbers as one would have expected.

The screech of the beast changed in tone from one of defiance to one of pain. It began to change shape and look as if it were retreating from the onslaught. One felt like cheering but nothing came from my mouth.

I took my eyes off the nasty to look at a rather worse for wear cat bleeding to death not far away. The pained look in its eyes filled me with pity and helplessness.

It was a good thing because the entity made its final counter-attack mustering all its energy and evil. A group of cats must have got it where they needed to as it let out a deafening screech that doubled as a sonic blast. Cats were flying everywhere, foliage and crash as well. There was no flame or heat just a blast…the air was filled with the pungent stench of putrification and ancient decay. I found myself holding my mouth to avoid vomiting.

Then there was quiet ; even the anguished cries of the cats fell silent.

The last thing I remembered before I passed out was Relic walking towards me. I must have blanked out.

I woke in my own bed with Relic, the original version, curled up next to my leg asleep. No injuries could be seen.

Life returned to normal and Relic acted as if nothing was amiss.

It was many years later I learned the cats had pummelled the Goat with a Thousand Young…

The Sage sat back from typing in his office; Eden sitting next to him asleep. Looking down he realised that Eden was a similar colour and personality to Relic.

As he hit the save button he thought to himself: “wonder if I should let Rupert and Claire read this tale or let em’ discover it later.” He sighed: “wish I knew if that actually happened and what those cats were called.“

“And to think I am not really a cat person. Wonder what possessed me to get Relic in the first place…”

The Sage rose and went towards the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Eden declined to move.

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  1. Nickolaus A. Pacione Wrote:

    I like that line, “the cats had pummeled the Goat with a thousand young.”

    Hilarious stuff here man, shows that you have an edge within the Mythos genre by actually combining some black humor in there without losing the scares. I can tell you were having some serious fun with this one. I enjoyed this one a lot.

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