Words of Thunder

Mauled and ripped and torn Humankind is now condemned until reborn
Demonspawn wave the swords that are hot with blood, fallen have the Earth gods
Sun today is sinking slowly blinking into rivers of the corpses like their torches
What we thought was Hell seems as Paradise for Nyarlathothep’s kingdom is here.

Mangled bodies on the ground trying to tell us why
How it happened that the strangled children are hanging high
Shrapnel in the bone only living creature is now Death alone
How it happened why it did the dead don’t care but only moan.

Horned and heaved shake their many heads when men and children mercy plead
Claw out the Monsters empty eyes they still see right fucking trough us
That we thought to know darkness sparkless heartless emptiness
Was lies the light They tore away reveleals the Devils sight the darkness.

Evil rises it’s ugly head but who will be there to see if Men all are dead
Who will be there to see the Evil that will blind thee
Who will be there to scream at the Evil no Demon ever dreams
Who will be there to hear the words of Evil to deafen thee?

The Beast now speaks Harmaegeddon achieves it’s peak
Reach the corners of the Earth Demons Devils howl and bow
Flee in fear back to Hell they shall appear
For Evil is no fool letting Him to speak alone to rule.

Black thunder is His words, and thunder strikes tonight all the living worlds
God of Earth is twisting moaning foaming crying downwards flying
Twice has thunder stricken him Nyarlathothep’s madness brings back the Sin
From His eyeless face the thunder strikes
Death gets down on all fours as his master returns home
Ruins are the final tombstones
And Death bows down before the Black Thunder that are His words.

3 Responses to “Words of Thunder”

  1. adam Wrote:

    who is dagon a demon or a god is he evil in any satanic way and is it bad if someone names there kid dagon? i need to know answers to these questions please my sister megan is naming her kid dagon and will be born in two or three days

  2. Aleister Wrote:

    Dagon is neither a demon or god. He is a creature in the works of H. P. Lovecraft. There is nothing satanic whatsoever about him. The name Dagon was also used in the bible, but it did not mean the same thing as in Lovecraft’s work. Try looking up some name origins.

  3. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    One of the most impressive young talents I’ve seen in years And Adrian is one of those authors I kept an eye on for a long time and seeing him on a few of my publications over the years. Talented individual and congrats on getting published with your own book.

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