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The Last Creations by Thegravehill
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The Last Creations
Written By
Charles D. O'Connor III

High up in spaces oily blackness, where a few stars glistened here and there, the maker of the cosmos was in a state of deep thought. He was pondering over whether or not to weave together a new world. His former creations, which the spiritually gifted and the deepest of dreamers can only hint at, somehow always became tainted with the knowledge of evil and whithered away like a dying rose.

But in time he decided to try again and in a flash of blue light, a field appeared. This field was clothed in rich green grass, rolling purple hills and many different varieties of perfumed flowers. And in certain spots he added crystal lakes with swans floating about the surface and trees with huge cherry blossoms around the shore.

Now that this paradise had been created he knew he must bring forth a being worthy enough to inhabit it. But who or what should it be? He knew everything before this had failed him and in time, after thinking long and hard, he grew angry. So to calm himself before the red flames of destruction burst from his mouth to feast on what he had created, the maker of the cosmos drifted away.

In three millenniums he returned. A great joy etched on his face and a sparkle glistening from his eyes. A decision had finally been reached. The maker was not going to give life to one, but to two beings and have them be brothers. The first one was named Daniel and the second Charles. Both of them held things in common but their differences were to great. Not much is known as to why such a substantial gap existed between them, however, the pack that the creater made with himself concerning these circumstances was simply this, "If the two brothers were able to show him the fruits of love and kindness, then he would not send this new and final world screaming deep into the eternal flames

On the day the two brothers were brought into existence-the creater watching closely from behind a huge clump of grey dust in the sky for the hopeful outcome, the two brothers slowly opened their eyes and looked all around. A look of awe soon appeared on their faces at the beauty surrounding them and they ran off to play amidst the trees and flowers and hills when they spotted one another.

For a few moments they did nothing except stare intently and cautiously at the other, hoping to detect a reason to quarrel and fight for their own safety. When no reason was found they let their guard down and felt a warm energy floating between them. It was soothing, it was joyful, it was the feeling of love.

Immediately Charles and Daniel dove on one another; wrestling in the grass as most boys do and laughing out joyfully. Over time they grew closer and played many games, raced each other in the lakes of crystal, climbed the tallest of willow trees and at night, shared heart to heart fears, dreams and longings which had been fed into them.

The creater watched all of this with satisfaction; proud at what he'd accomplished and wished to transform himself into a human so as to dwell with his two prized creations. But he knew the effects the supernatural have on the human mind and that the rule of gods and mortals never meeting shouldn't be crossed, less the entire cosmos groan with an out of sync madness. So to show his joy he made other companions for them and the results brought tears to his eyes.

Daniel showed them how to climb trees and obtain food, how to fish and the values of a thing called love and friendship. Charles, on the other hand, provided intellectual stimulation and exposed them to other feelings such as joy, care and laughter.

The companions the creator provided grew to love and admire the brothers, but throughout the years which followed, for time now existed as well, Daniel and Charles grew angry at one another. Constantly their companions watched them fight from afar in fear, disappointment and confusion. Daniel claimed he was superior because of what he taught them and Charles came back with the rebuttal, "If nobody had intelligence and a healthy mental attitude then they wouldn't be able to satisfactorily complete the tasks taught to them".

Back and fourth, day after day and year after year, this argument ensued-ending with the two brothers fighting and quarreling all over again. The creator despised everything he now observed. But he still loved this new land and the two brothers and did not wish to destroy it, so stepping back he hoped that somehow the two brothers would stop and use what he'd instilled in the both of them.

Then one day the two brothers were fighting as usual and their companions continuing to look at them in agony from afar, when a bolt of purple lightning thrashed across the already black sky. Immediately it then began pouring; the rain drops falling over all heads and giving all of them the sensation of being hit with thousands and thousands of tiny pebbles. Everyone screamed, covered their heads and rushed to the nearest safe haven. The two brothers followed, intent on finding their own havens, when Daniel suddenly stopped in his tracks.
"What are you doing, Dan? Are you crazy? Come on," Charles shouted.

Daniel shook his head and asked his brother if he heard something in the sky. Charles listened intently and was surprised to hear the massive fluttering of bat wings. Lightning thrashed across the sky once more, this time a sort of crimson color, and a fierce squawk was heard. Both Daniel and Charles, as well as a few of their companions who had not found a haven, ran about in many different directions, frightened, continuing to look for a haven, but it was to late. The unknown thing could already be seen tearing through the clouds as if they were paper and soaring toward them with the speed of a shooting star. It was massive with red eyes, a leathery body and hair common to that of a wolfs'.

Everyone except Daniel turned away in horror; jumping into the tall patches of flowers. Instead, shaking with fright, he walked slowly up to the foul thing.
"Leave my friends alone you devilish thing. Take me if you must, but leave them alone"!
The creature lowered its head and bit into Daniels side; carrying him away and disappearing into thin air.

His funeral for the bravery shown was held when the storm let up a few days later. It was a sad affair and the gloom which was present continued on into the years.
Never again would the companions experience the joy of catching a fish from the pond whose waters are always of shimmering crystal, never again would he lead them up a tree and never again would they see his wonderful smile.

However, Charles was the saddest of all because he had lost his heart. The gifts he once possessed; intelligence, laughter, joy and care he kept to himself and eventually they shriveled up like a dying rose. The companions sadly watched him traverse the spots and grounds that he and his brother shared; watching him cling to it with a morbid tenacity and listening to his threats of a curse if they ever dared come close.

Charles was turning into an ugly person and it was not long before his companions grew to dislike him. But one day this all changed. Charles was walking leisurly through the flowery meadows when a spell of dizziness came over him and he soon fainted.

After sometime he woke up with a smile on his face and a feeling of just getting bathed in life giving waters. The companions sensed this change and were amazed and asked him about it. Charles could not explain the transformation but told his companions this: "The barrier separating life and death is but a curtain to the eyes. The ones we love are still with us but only in different forms, so their is no need to weep".

And Daniel, because of his bravery, was knighted as helper to the creator and is now currently drifting through star lit seas and blessing dark and lonely places.