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Silent Stares by EaterOfTheDead
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Silent Stares
by Joshua Goudreau

I rolled up outside the club in my black BMW. The chicks always dig the beamer. Never fails. I scanned the crowd out front. There were always some sweet young things outside who had failed to get in. They were the easiest to pick up so they were the ones I went for.

The throng of leather clad bodies was thick tonight. There were nearly a hundred of them. I parked and watched their annoyed faces and silent stares. They so desperately wanted to be known, wanted to be admired, wanted to be accepted. I gave them that. Then in the morning they could go home to their mommies and daddies and back to school knowing that there was someone in the world who loved and accepted them.

These girls always wanted to be accepted and would do anything to get it.

I climbed out of the car and leaned against it. I parked directly under a streetlamp so they could see me in my black suit looking desirable. My eyes scanned the crowd again, this time taking the time to see the faces. The ones that were turned away usually lingered at the edges like the lowest members of the pack. Which is what they were really. Too young to be allowed into the club. Too young to be allowed into the adult world that they so desperately wanted to be part of.

My eyes fell on a small blonde thing outside the light. She had long blonde hair and a child-like face. Her body had blossomed into womanhood but she seemed almost unsure what to do with it. I decided I would teach her. She wore a schoolgirl outfit with a pleated tartan skirt, black fishnets and a blue sweater that was clearly too small for her. The sweater just accentuated the curve of her breasts. Perched on her nose was a set of thick, black sunglasses with massive lenses that completely obscured her eyes. She probably thought they made her look mysterious but they only served to make her look younger, smaller and cuter. She was going to be fun.

“Hey there.” I said as I approached her.

With her arms crossed her head rolled around to look at me. She was chewing absentmindedly on a piece of gum. I watched as her lips opened and closed and I became lost in the rhythm and the moistness. I knew she was ripe and by the time the night was over I would be lost in her rhythm and moistness in another way.

“Wassup?” She said in the high voice of a post pubescent girl.

I motioned my head toward the door. “Rejected huh?”

She scoffed and rolled her head. I could just imagine that her eyes were doing the same thing behind those obscuring lenses.

“It’s alright.” I consoled her. “This place is really lousy anyway.”

“Yeah?” She said, her voice thick with sarcasm. “You got any better ideas?”

I gave her my best suave grin and watched her turn her shoulders toward me. I had her and I barely had given it any effort.

“There’s a place up in hills you might like.” I said casually.

“Oh yeah?” She said chewing openly on her gum.

“Yeah.” I said. “You here with anyone?”

“Nope.” She said turning slightly away from me.

I waited a moment before I continued.

“You should really check out the place in the hills.” I said.

She cocked her head toward me and shrugged.

“Ain’t got no wheels.” She said plainly.

I knew she wasn’t old enough to drive but I didn’t want to let on I knew that. I wanted her to think I bought her older persona. I also knew what she was hinting at but I played it like it was my idea. In actuality it was my idea but I wasn’t going to let her know that I was playing her.

“Well I was just on my way up there if you want a ride.” I said casually motioning toward my car.

She leaned to one side to look at my sleek wheels and played like she wasn’t impressed. She straightened out and cocked her head, inclining her face toward mine. She was taking a careful look at me now. She was taking in the fine cut of the suit. The svelte athletic frame. The dark good looks. She liked what she saw.

She turned her head and spit her gum across the parking lot. And looked back at me.

“Let’s go.” She said simply and moved toward my car.

I pulled out the keys and hit the remote starter. The lights flashed and the alarm beeped. Then the low, gentle roar of the engine met our ears but was soon lost among the murmuring of the crowd.

I opened my door and climbed in. She helped herself in the passenger’s side. As she sat her skirt slid ever so slightly up her leg exposing the soft while flesh of her thigh. Her skin was so smooth and so pale. I couldn’t help but stare for a moment. She made no move to cover her leg. She just caressed the seat with her fingers. I imagined the feel of those fingers on my chest and felt myself go rigid.

“Is this leather?” She said with a slight awe in her voice.

I closed the door before she could see the bulge in my pants by the dome light. I didn’t want her to freak and run here. It was bad for the image to have a terrified girl seen running from my car. She could scream all she wanted, and I was sure I’d be making her scream plenty, once we got into the hills.

“Yeah it is.” I said smoothly as I dropped the car into gear and pulled away from the club.

I drove us onto the expressway to get across town faster. I wanted more time alone with her somewhere quiet. She didn’t say anything as we drove. I let her sit quietly while I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. She was playing it cool, too. She sat there leaning on her hand with her elbow resting on the lip of the door. She didn’t look nervous she just looked bored. Every now and then she would bob her head to the music. I always set the radio to a local hip-hop station before I picked one of them up because the girls seemed to all like it.

Her scent was intoxicating. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was so rich and sweet. Like over-ripe peaches.

“So what’s your name?” I asked casually.

I didn’t want her getting nervous so I played like I was just being friendly by giving her a ride across town.

“Alyson.” She said calmly.

“My name’s Pruul.” I said.

She just nodded and sat silent for a while.

“Nice car you got.” She said after another few minutes.

“Thanks.” I said. The car always got them. They liked the fact that I had money to burn. They all seemed to think that it meant that I’d buy them pretty things. “These babies aren’t cheap.”

Her head rolled lazily over so she was looking at me.

“So you’re rich, huh?” She asked, her voice thicker.

I gave her a wry grin and casually shrugged.

“I get by.” I said.

“So I see.” She said giving an approving nod.

I pulled off the expressway and took a shortcut along the surface streets. Before long we were in the wooded hills. I made small talk to try and keep her calm. The girls sometimes freaked out when they realized they weren’t in the city anymore. This girl, however, just stayed calm and played it cool. She gave short curt answers and kept the small talk going. The topic remained very polite and impersonal. She offered up no personal information beyond her first name and asked for none from me.

I circled around a hill and approached a scenic overlook. I pulled the car to a stop and killed the engine. Before us the lights of the city created a sparkling vista. This always got the girls. Alyson turned her head toward me. I looked back at her and saw myself reflected in her lenses. I gave my most endearing and charming smile.

“No club, huh?” She asked calmly.

I shook my head.

“Figures.” She said as she rolled her head away from me.

Suddenly she turned back to me and rested herself on one elbow, leaning closer. Her full lips parted to reveal sparkling white teeth in a beautiful and alluring smile.

“So, what’d you bring me up here for, really?” She asked with a sly grin.

I shrugged slowly and dramatically.

“I thought maybe we could have some time alone together.” I said casually.

“Uh-huh.” She said as she leaned closer. “Then let’s do this.”

The scent of her musk was heavy and nearly oppressive as her lips touched my jaw. The girls, not understanding subtlety, always wore too much perfume but this scent was different. It was so thick and so strong and so different. I still couldn’t place what it was. All thoughts of figuring it out vanished from my mind when I felt her teeth, ever so lightly, drag along my jaw line.

Quickly she pulled back away from me. The way she was leaning accentuated her full and supple breasts. They seemed ready to burst from her sweater and I saw no reason not to let them. Her smooth round face stared into mine for a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity. Then she was moving toward the door.

“I want to smell the fresh air.” She said as she opened the door.

Her ample body snaked its way out of the car and I was lost in the motion of her thighs and ass. Her skirt rose ever so enticingly and I caught just the slightest glimpse of white panties. Then she was out and the door was closing. I opened my door and hurried to join her.

She rounded the front of the car and stretched her arms up over her head. Her skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. As she moved her head her long blonde hair brushed from her shoulders and fell long and straight down her back. Standing there in the moonlight with the lights of the city stretching beyond her she looked so young and so pure.

I sat against the hood of my car and just watched her. I took in every line and every curve of her. She had a woman’s body and a child’s face. She turned to me and cocked her hips and shoulders. The stance was one that the girls sometimes did when they wanted to look sexy. It was something that they all seemed to think made them look older, more mature. Little did they know that none of them needed to do that.

She strutted over to me and stood with her legs straddled over my feet. To see her there with her legs apart and so close to me I went hard all over again. After a long enticing moment she moved closer to me and planted her hands on my chest. Before I knew it my head was slamming into the hood of my car. My vision blurred and it took a moment to realize that she had shoved me. I knew there was probably going to be a dent there now. This little bitch was going to cost me more then the gas to drive out here. I was going to make her pay for it in services rendered.

I sat up and her hands were wrapped tight around my lapels. I looked deeply into her face but only saw my own face reflected back at me. I looked as pissed as I felt. She cocked her head to one side and angled her chin up to me. I became lost in the fullness of her lips and the smooth glowing skin of her cheeks.

“Are you going to kiss me or what?” She said.

She yanked hard on my jacket and pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me full and hard and I became lost in the sickly sweet taste of her mouth. The taste so much seemed to embody her scent. Her legs were wrapped around my hips in a tight death grip. She rubbed ever so slightly against my throbbing manhood.

Then I felt a searing pain and my mouth flooded with a revoltingly warm and salty mucus. I thrashed as the pain grew to a white hot intensity. Then she was away standing just out of my reach with thick black blood smeared around her mouth and chin. My stomach turned as I saw her chewing. I rolled to one side and vomited thick blood and bile across the front fender of my car. I tried to speak but all that came out was a gargled mumbled and I realized she had eaten my tongue.

She walked so softly and lightly across the gravel and leaned over to look into my face. She gave a pout that would have been innocently cute if it were not for the fact that her face was now covered in my blood. What the fuck was wrong with this girl?

“Aww, honey that’s not sexy at all.” She said to me.

I felt a sudden burst of rage explode for somewhere deep inside me. I balled a fist and swung directly at her soft face. She was blindingly fast and before I knew it she had both of my wrists in a tight grip. I struggled against her and though she was a full head shorter than me she held me fast and couldn’t be budged. I tried to scream but only succeeded in making a garbled wail and splattering of blood on her lenses.

With an effortless heave she shoved me back onto the hood of my car. She walked toward me with the same exaggerated swagger and swing of the hips that she had before. She took off her glasses and tossed them aside revealing eyes that were impossibly dark in the shadows cast by the moonlight.

Slowly she straddled me again and he scent washed over me. Sickeningly I finally placed the scent. It was the sweet carrion stench of the dead. She held me down and leaned over me. My blood and mucus still clung to her chin and hung in a shimmering tendril.

“I’m going to eat your eyeballs like candy.” She said in a husky and seductive voice.

I felt myself slipping away to the terror of the moment. I couldn’t scream because my own thick blood was pouring into my throat. As she leaned down over me I got a close look at her eyes and saw only a dark swarming of gray like her pupil had taken over the entirety of her eye.

“Tears only make them sweeter, Jakob.” She said as she held me in place.

I struggled to think. How did she know my name? Did I tell her my name was Jakob? My rule was only to use my last name. Only to call myself Pruul, but maybe I slipped. My brain wouldn’t work. Couldn’t work. The only thing I could focus on was the thing that held me down. The thing that had only a short time ago been a sweet and innocent young thing looking for a man to show her the ways of the world. What had she become? What was she?

I blacked out as I saw her bloodied teeth closing in on my left eye.