The Cthulhuist Bible by Adrian Trevino Tsalazar

Summary: The Cthulhuist bible, the actual one as I forsee it.
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Published: 05/19/06
Updated: 05/19/06


Chapter 1: Azathoth
Chapter 2: Yog Sothoth

Chapter 1: Azathoth

Azathoth 1:1
Through the blackness of space, where nothing existed, the Court of Azathoth layed in the center of it all.

Azathoth 1:2
The gods known as Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth created their separet dimensions. Azathoth, being the Blind of what is around him, created a massive fire ball which took up the emptyness of the universe and created Light.

Azathoth 1:3
With the creation of light, the Sound of the Fire ball was heard in the dimension of Yog-Sothoth. and thus, Sound was created.

Azathoth 1:4
With the Explosion, a part of Azathoth broke off, and in the Nuclear reaction of the explosion, Matter was created.

Azathoth 1:5
With the Creation of Matter, Stars, Planets, and Life, was created.

Azathoth 1:6
With the creation of Life, several species arrived from the Court of Azathoth, and took their places in the universe.

Azathoth 1:7
the first major race to enter the universe were beings known as Yithians. the Yithians inhabited the 9th planet of a System in a Spiral Galaxy, to which we now know as The milky Way.

Azathoth 1:8
during the primative times, the Yithians came across beings on the planet Jupiter. Flying-Polyps, as they called them, began a war of immense proportions.

Azathoth 1:9
As Azathoth, the Idiot God, opend a portal to the Dimension of Yog-Sothoth.
Enter the Serpent Yig.

Azathoth 1:10
With the allowance of Yog-Sothoth's greatest enemy into the universe, Yog Sothoth struck against the creator, slaying him to a fallen sleep in the Court of Azathoth. a result of this, is Time. Yog Sothoth knows the Gate, Yog Sothoth is the key. Yog Sothoth in turn took several precautions against the Serpent yig.

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Chapter 2: Yog Sothoth

Yog Sothoth 2:1
Yog Sothoth, under the intent to run the Universe, allowed certain species from his dimension into ours.

Yog Sothoth 2:2
Deep Ones, Elder things, Zoogs, Dark Youngs, Dhole, are some of the races he allowed in.

Yog Sothoth 2:3

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