The men of Arkham by Issac Pilgrim

Summary: A piece of doggerel I overheard one night in Red Hook.
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Published: 06/22/09
Updated: 06/22/09

The men of Arkham by Issac Pilgrim
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes:

See the men of Arkham,
Trembling with fright:
Hiding in their hovels
From what passes in the night.

Hiding in their cellars
With the rats that chew and gnaw;
Fearful of an evil,
That they never even saw.

“Is there any body out there”,
They all cowardly implore;
For they’re fairly sure and certain
There is something at the door.

Had they each an ounce of courage
Or a tiny shred of wit,
They would see the night for what it is,
And just be done with it.

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