"Traitor" by zachary waite

Summary: When the Fungi from Yuogoth and the Shaggai, and Deep Ones decide to support Cthulhu for his take-over of the world of mankind, bid--what of the valiant humans who tried to fight to defend us mortals and all we had once represented on Earth?
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Published: 11/14/08
Updated: 11/14/08

"Traitor" by zachary waite
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: Tonight is Friday the 14th of November, after a chance meeting with a vweteran of World War 2, and it is after midnight. I am covered in sweat as I write this, horrified beyond terror of what porten it may hold....

There were of course new reforms after Mr. Albert Shiny and Great Cthulhu won the Presidency of the U.S.A. in 2012. The entire world was put under the protective aegis of The New Old World Order. Sons and daughters of Mother Hydra and Father Dagon walked besides the many kids of the Goat with a thousand (and more!) young, and the Men of Leng and the Serpent Folk, held rule in the middle east. I, Anthony Bolde, multi-millionaire parapsychological dillettante and weapons(and protective clothining/armor) industrialist, was first to be brought to trial. This is my last statement, I am being offered the opportunity so that the condemned and those under suspicion of harboring anti- Great Old One sentiments and holding Elder Signs, will read it and surrender to execution fields, there to be fed to the shogoths.

I won the last human controlled Poweball, multi-State Lotto in 2010. My "cut" after taxes and having taken the Lump Sum payment option, being $239 MILLION DOLLARS AMERICAN. I immediately turned it towards industry--=after a certain purchase of a specially built modern impregnable fortress, many ultra high tech experimental weapons, and a slightly "bug problem" plagued computer controlled U.S. Navy "Packet Destroyer", normally crewed by fifteen gorgeous ex-navy female sea ratings and a few older sea hags of tougher mein and arcane engineering expertise.

My indistry became "Garments, Armored and or Bodily Protective versus many divers threats" for both Military and Civilian Industry's use. My Amazon Rain Forest Suits protected against insects, reptiles, fauna rashes and poison secretions, and what we in the cosmic circle call "Mythos Threats" My desert Armor was proof against dehydration, sand and wind, and sepent men venom and claws. My under sea extensive depth diving hard suits were proof against even multiple "Deep One" attacks. My bee keeper gear defended against Byackee, Night Gaunt, Fungi, and Shaggai nippers and appendages. Only one little way did my great engines of defense fail Mankind. the Pheromones secreted by semi- and un"changed" Deep One/Human female spawn. For as long as the 1/2 or 1/4 Deep One female remained humanly considered Beautiful or "sexually attractively exotic", their attraction pheromones cancelled out any and ALL traces any ichythic traces on their bodies might arise in their male woo-ers.

As should be remembered by Innsmouthers, and Coney Islanders(in New York's Brooklyn Boro), these strangely lonely yet lust madness driving women prove irresistable to the men nthey set their "sights" on--mainly Scientists, delvers into the Mythos, and POTENTIAL ENEMIES OF THE GREAT OLD ONES.

I, Being caught by Federal (HUMAN--willing minions paid in exorbitant luxury to "rat out" suspected traitors to the New Old Order) was Tried, and sentenance passed. The ohorror of it wasn't that Cthulhu and his worshippers sentenced me to death by Shogoth, it was MY OWN HUMAN BRETHREN who clammored for this, that drove my already fragile and guilt destroyed sanity out of my blasted soul.

"You were one of them all along, ya traitorous bastard--in bed a humpin away at a 1/4 fROG-fISH -ITCH WENCH! YA MADE YER WARES VULNERABLE SO'S YA COULD KEEP GETTIN WHATEVER JOLLIES THAT thing FROM below GAVE YA--WE HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT, YA TREASONOUS JUDAS! they cursed at me.

Na'Hy Tleh'hei pleaded with the executioners to have me injected with what her folk call "the change drug--a DNA alterer, so I could live below with her, but World Ruler Cthulhu had to bow to the millions of still gun toting, resistent humans His troops had not been able to defeat, and sentenced me--Like Pontious Pilot, to execution at the hands of my own kind. PEACE AND A HAPPY OCCUPIED PEOPLE being his reasoning on the matter...

So, In an hour, after one more delving into the gorgeous still movie starlet body quality of my beloved 1/4 caste wife, I will be thrown into the Shogoth pit, there to be engulfed and eaten. Oh Sweet Darling, If only I'd drawn just 1 wrong number, how different life could have been--you and I below the sea in wonder and glory forever!


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