Dreamlands by Nyarsetna

Summary: He wandered somewhere he just wasn't supposed to go...
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Published: 08/12/08
Updated: 08/12/08

Dreamlands by Nyarsetna
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes: This is the first of three parts.


There is a place that no-one knows
Where demons live and evil grows
No children laugh, no dolphins play
No solid line t’wixt night and day

I found that place that no-one knows
Where demons live and evil grows
T’was called the Dreamlands, far away
Where suns shine black and dead men lay

I found it once whilst chanting from
A Tome, a Book, forgotten long
I stumbled forth, fell through the door
Of somewhere rarely been before

Now, in that Dreamland far away
Where suns shine black, yeah yeah, okay
There was a cat with silver eyes
A siren in a deadly guise

She looked at me and told me this
Of broken dreams, a stolen kiss
That all men lust for love abound
Without it lost and never found

She stalked away not looking back
Down a lonely looking track
She turned around and gestured me
To follow through the woods and trees

Disturbed was I when looking ‘round
I heard a frightful deaf’ning sound
A scream, a cry from up above
A damned and dirty looking dove

It cried to me “Turn back, turn back
Don’t dare go down that lonely track
For when she has you on her own
She’ll tear your flesh from skin and bone!”

I shooed him off and went ahead
Deeper, deeper in she led
Til finally we came across
A courtyard steeped in vines and moss

A second warning came from there,
A stranger lurked without a care
“Turn around, go back” he said
“You come in here, you’ll end up dead!”

Ignoring him, I turned away
To face the shining light of day
My feline fright, my guiding light
Had shed her guise, ready to fight

My mind, it cracked and left me there
To fight this beast, though not quite fair
For in my hand became a shield
And in my left a lance to wield

We fought for days, my fiend and I,
Until at last, “Please stop” I cried
She raised her hand and cautioned me
To finish now or turn and flee

So flee I did, I ran alone
Now looking for a way back home
I called aloud “Just let me out!”
And out I was, well just about

I rose, awake and looked about
To hear another frightful shout
My fiend, my siren followed me
And was now grinning quite sickly

For what I’d done was let her in
This beast, this fiend, this thing of sin
A world from which she’d been thrown out
Was now her own.

What have I done?

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