next decade will be a golden age of sports industry

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next decade will be a golden age of sports industry

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It is reported that the field of hot melt adhesive film without the substrate which can be applied very widely. Not only can be used in a variety of materials insoles (including EVA slice, PU slices, Haibo Li and Ousuo Lai, etc.), it can be applied to the upper, inner shoe fit, the fashion shoes, leather shoes, leather shoes, all kinds of materials fabrics Nike Air Max 90 Womens between the fit, styling is very good. In addition to the field of footwear, the product can also be applied with a sofa, leather sofa fit.

In order to develop without the substrate hot melt adhesive film, hot-melt adhesives Ltd. Jianan first to introduce advanced technology and production lines from abroad, completely out of the traditional techniques previously used. After a series of industrial transformation and upgrading of production technology, the South has become a good professional to solve the problem of heat-bonding hot melt adhesive film produced outstanding environmental protection enterprises, and continue to multi-direction, multi-faceted applications evolve.

"Era of progress, we have progress, this society, survival of the fittest!" Jia Nan, general manager of hot-melt adhesives Ltd. Hongming Association case said.

In the upcoming eighteenth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear (Sports Industry) fair, good hot-melt adhesives Ltd. South also will participate, will welcome the new and old customers to visit guidance. April 17, the Chinese brands in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, "Chinese shoes are" 2016 Global Footwear and Sport industry trends Forum and China Leather Association shoe, shoe Professional Committee Annual Meeting (hereinafter referred to as "Global Sports Forum ") held, the sports industry experts and business representatives from Italy, UK, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan and other five regions, the common pulse development trend and future trend of the sports industry's golden years.

Next decade, the opportunities China Sports Industry 5 trillion in what? How advanced technology from Italy big boost to enhance sports industry? What is the difference with Vietnam Manufacturing Made in China? Hottest economic issues, the guests become the focus of attention.

It is reported that Global Sports Forum by the China Leather Association, China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute, Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Jinjiang City People's Government.

Global experts gathered in Jinjiang

Focus on the sports industry new opportunities

According to the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption" is expected in 2025, the total value of Nike Roshe Run Mesh the sports industry will reach 5 trillion. This also means that the next decade will be a golden age of sports industry.

As the Chinese brand, has Jinjiang Anta, special steps, 361 °, Shu Hua, Hosa and other national and even world-renowned sports brand. How to integrate the world's best industrial chain resources, a sports industry under the impact of the air, the guests become the subject of lively discussion. The forum "leveraging off along the way" as the theme, inviting the sports industry, industry experts and enterprise representatives of Italy, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea in five regions, combined with the advantages of sharing their valuable experience, provide a reference, and for the golden years of development of sports industry trends, trend bold prediction.

Jinjiang traditional shoes chain, Nike Air Max 1 Womens how to absorb the Korean pop elements, the introduction of innovative research and development mechanism? Korea International Cultural Exchange Agreement will China branch president Zhang Shihuan, the depth of analysis as an expert lecture "China and South Korea sports industry hand in hand."

With rising labor costs, Chinese factories face "machine au pair", the traditional enterprises how to draw the world's advanced production technology from Italy Robot Automation Systems, Inc. Consultants Angelo Taurino, will bring Europe's most cutting-edge high-tech products and trends .

In addition, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sichuan University Professor Shi Bi, Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association president GUO Zheng Jin, China Leather Association, Su Chaoying, director of the Social Science Research Center Sports State Nike Air Max 95 Womens Sports General Administration of Sports Science Institute and other sports industry experts BAO Ming - xiao and academics also on the "2015 China development report Footwear", "China Sports industry development under the new normal" and other issues made a keynote speech.

Southeast Asian manufacturing PK Chinese manufacturing

In 2012, Adidas and Nike closed Chinese foundries discussion on "Southeast Asian manufacturing" rampant, continues today. Over the past 20 years of manufacturing belongs to China, and the subsequent 20 years, the rise of Southeast Asian countries are also more competition for this cake, widely known in Vietnam is one of them. Manufacturing Southeast Asia really so magical? China Manufacturing What advantage?

As China's leading sports brand, Anta Group, responsible person, will be "artisan spirit" point Nike Air Max 90 Womens of view, depth of interpretation success Anta; as Adidas foundry, Pou Chen Group in China and Vietnam have established plants, at the Forum, the former Pou brand Center CEO Dan Ye will also bring wonderful speech. In addition, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City branch president, the Nan Lide Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Chairman Miao Ren Lai will be to their own experience, have introduced "Vietnam shoe factory situation and investment environment."
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