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 Help me fix my Stainless Steel Sinks
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:27 am
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Mi-Go Brain-Bait
Mi-Go Brain-Bait

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My rice cooker stopped working!Stainless Steel Sinks an old very basic model, and I suspect it's easy to fix - but I never fixed anything before!

It just stopped getting hot and the little light also stopped turning on. I know this is a long shot because you can only see these photos, but I love my rice cooker and they don't make this model anymore, so I decided to try anyway.

Rice cooker upside-down with guts exposed.

Some component in the electrical circuit has likely failed. This is not something anyone on the internet looking at a few photos is likely to be able to diagnose. If you don't have any experience safely troubleshooting electrical appliances, I wouldn't recommend futzing about with this. You might see if there's a small electronics or appliance repair person available in your area, but my guess is that their diagnostic efforts will cost you more than a new rice cooker will.

Sometimes there are electronic repair clubs around town. You may be able to bring it in and have someone help you fix it for free, and show you some techniques. Without seeing it in person, its hard to be able to tell where the failure is, and most likely you wouldn't have the tools to fix it anyway.

As seen in your 4th picture, your power cord is very badly knotted and twisted up-- perhaps more so than any I can recall seeing in years of looking at used countertop appliances.They aren't really designed to be able to tolerate that, and I think you could start by replacing the cord.

The easiest way is probably to go to a thrift store and buy the cheapest appliance with at least as much wattage as your cooker which also turns on and has an intact looking cord, and replace your cord with that one.This is trickier than it sounds, but not too much; guidance from and consultation with a more experienced person would be worth getting.

Buy the cheapest electronic appliance you can find, and rip out the power cord. Ask your Facebook friends for a soldering iron. Buy them a beer.Do you have an ohmmeter? A friend with an ohmmeter?

There's some advice here, especially the part about unplugging it.The ideas about the cord are where to start- that would be the easiest thing to fix. Try to see where the power cord comes into the appliance.But you at least need a continuity checker.

Cooker Control just stopped getting hot and the little light also stopped turning on.This happened to my rice cooker, and I discovered the problem was that I had used hot water.There was nothing to fix. I just used cold water the next time (always use cold water), and it worked fine.
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