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 weighty point wedding produce vertical force
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:35 am
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When buying a wedding dress, do not forget to ask about, which is what the wedding dress material, attached small beads, what is particular about small flash chip. Figure out the texture of the wedding, you can know during maintenance we should pay attention to what the details. The method should Vintage Prom Dresses also be asked of emergency, such as if stained with wine or champagne on the wedding, it should immediately pad towel with white vinegar or detergent scrub at the wedding, and then absorbent paper so as not to leave a mark. STEP2 clean wedding
Wet cleaning - after passing through the wedding, to be washed as soon as possible. Stains residence time is too long, unnecessary cleaning difficult. Over time, the stain will be aging, fading, resulting in degradation and wear wedding fabrics. Food stains can cause discoloration and attract small insects, beverages candied dries turns brown, it is difficult to remove, perspiration wedding will turn yellow, the fabric degradation and damage. Wet cleaning is the key, because the small wedding decorations, such as beads, sequins, trim, etc., can not stand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, the best method is to mix wedding into a moderate, neutral detergent water (based on the nature of the fabric select cleaning agents), soak for a while, it can washed the dinner wine stains left behind, lard, etc., more bubbles for a while, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, white wine stains can be removed; must not washing machine and dehydration, otherwise it will create decorations off.
Dry Cleaning - Some wedding needs dry cleaning, especially silk, acetate fiber, rayon and wool material. Be sure to use a solvent has been filtered and washed, clear stains the type and location, or there will be residual.
Xiao Bian Tip: Some cleaning Chamber of Commerce recommends using special cleaning methods, in fact, not necessary and expensive, so be sure to choose a reputable supplier to ensure cleaning. After cleaning To open New Prom Gowns the package for inspection. After the wedding wash to dry thoroughly, do not exposure to the sun, the wedding will become brittle after exposure, skirt, beads, decorative flowers easily. When drying clothes in the dug out, avoid direct sunlight surface of clothes, clothes sun exposure will cause varying degrees of damage couplers; best not to hang in the sun, so make wedding deformation, it is recommended shop sun; Wedding wash, dry thoroughly, you can collect up to store in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, remember, do not hang up the wedding, because the elderly are run, there are so weighty point wedding produce vertical force, skirt stretching or even tearing. Wedding to be stored in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, the worst is in the attic or basement, the former wedding will fade the heat, which can lead to mildew. Never hang saved, Cheap Prom Dresses Online Over time, the wedding will produce vertical force, stretching or even tearing the skirt body. Within Wedding big hoop skirt can be reversed up collection, but every year Fanshai clothes, hoop skirt to restitution, so as not to lose their elasticity. There are two minor issues to be mentioned: First, before you wash your hands collection of wedding, do not glue cosmetics, or over time, there will be a small wedding on macular; there, big hoop skirt can be within the wedding twist up collections, but every year Fanshai clothes, hoop skirt to restitution, lest it loses its elasticity.
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