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 Dongjiekou appointment wedding photographs
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:51 am
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Seeing about to give birth, full of joy Lin Lei Lotteries take pictures on the go. "Said the boss does not take the time to collect the money, and we have finished tell me to charge a fee." Lin Lei, very depressed, find the original wedding photo studio theory, but the other party refused for various reasons Renzhang up. Makeup fees, clothing rental, album production expenses, Lin Lei paid according to a single whole, "not to let go, free services suddenly become Vintage Prom Dresses fee-based services." Lin Lei said never trust a "free lunch" a.
Postmodern Korea sent here to remind the majority of newcomers in the studio, the studio agreed to give some of your example, and even some promotions to send diamonds, ah, ah like when you send clothing concessions do order conditions must be carefully analyzed clearly , in the end the free lunch worth eating.
Plus a photo album again dig into the 50 yuan (gentle fourth knife)
The end of 2010, just graduated from university after Chen and her boyfriend engaged, went to a nearby studio Dongjiekou appointment wedding photographs, and set the spot price of 3890 yuan into the 48-volume set of wedding. I thought pay the complete price, you can get Mimi's wedding, surprise photographic process, Chen repeatedly forced to "secondary consumer", 3890 yuan wedding packages to the final price more than 7300 yuan.
"I wear a New Prom Gowns 7 sets of clothes to take pictures, the photographer gave me mad more than 300 photos." Chen says with exasperation, to see so many beautiful figure and her boyfriend left his photos, he is very fond of, anyway offs are much higher than the 50 photos, but according to the contract, Chen can only choose one of 50 into the album, so I had more money left a lot of their favorite photos. "Plus a photo album to the $ 50, plus a film is $ 30, the price is really dead slaughter." Chen finally bite plus a hundred copies.
Ms. Yuan have the same experience, she is also a downtown studio took a personal photo, special 688 yuan 18 photos. Throughout the filming process went smoothly, when Ms. Yuan at the appointed time to pick and choose photos, unpleasant things happened, 120 pre-selected photos, selected Ms. Yuan finally taking a closer look enough into the book 18 after the move to all the rest of the photo negatives U disk copy Liugejinian. But the studio staff said, a backsheet dials to 40 dollars. Ms. Yuan helpless, more reluctantly chose 20, complaining "It's a big loss." Cheap directly into a special bargain.
Related laws and regulations:
After the wedding photographs as negatives want to return, you need to spend extra money to buy the studio, the industry rule so many consumers are helpless. December 1, 2009, China's first "Marriage Celebration Service" implementation of national standards, regulations required "wedding company produced, including photos, videos, CD-ROMs and other wedding audio and video products should ensure quality, and deliver within the specified time customers, but also to be surrendered during the recording of all the raw materials (including film, video and digital information, etc.). "
However, the "standard of service" purposes, does not change the current section of Fuzhou studio and photography studio film charge "hidden rules."
Postmodern Han School Tips:
When makeup makeup artist will recommend consumers to use some, such as ampoule like expensive essence, "A lot of people dare not spend the money, are not afraid of a good make-up artist to draw you, several thousand dollars for a wedding because makeup and bad according to a big loss. "ampoules in the consumer industry known makeup artist, in fact, charge high cost is not high, is a windfall, Common hundreds of dollars you can buy, but they sell the studio a few hundred to a thousand dollars of high prices. In the case of the consumption process is against the interests of any act can call the hotline 12315 to report. If consumers want to access "free meal", the best studio before shooting and set a good contract, the terms of look, the www.promdresses2016.us.com film is determined to send or buy.
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