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 Cthulhu themed turn-based RPG
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:00 am
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Mi-Go Brain-Bait
Mi-Go Brain-Bait

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Hi all!

Long story short, we are developing a Cthulhu themed turn based RPG with roguelike elements. Game is now in early Alpha stage and major part of the main features are in and right now we are running a IndieGoGo campaign to finishing and polishing the game.
Here is the link bye the way (click me) if you interested to obtain the game in early bird price.

We got Greenlit only after 7 days.

Here is the link to trailer

In the game player guides a team of up to 4 investigators and try to stop awakening of the Great Old Ones. Right now we have already implemented Cthulhu to game and our plans includes also Nyarlathotep,Sub-Niggurath and many more deities.

Game consists many text based mini novella style encounters where player can choose from multiple different approaches, like in FTL. Depending on character he may choose sneaky way to continue or if the investigator in the situation is more combat oriented, gun blazing and pummeling his way through.

Speaking of fighting, combat in the game is card based, weapons, items, skills and spells act as your cards which you collect throughout the game. Each investigator has their own skillset so cards handle differently depending on which investigator is using them. For example spellcasters arenít great at handling firearms and the weak minded might be driven mad if they try to cast spells or they can even backfire.

I'm happy to answer any inquiries you may have ,my fellow cultists may have Cthulhu 2
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