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Description Errors

Post by Vanhaskell »

I like to explore (play IF games alot) and so I read all the descriptions and stuff. I noticed two mistakes in MU, which I thought I'd put here. If anyone lese discovers small description errors or typos, they can list them in this thread and then whenever the imms have time they can touch up these minor things. I understand there is a lot to keep them busy and therefore this is not a place for priority things or bugs.

1) About 4-5 rooms south of the Earth Sciences room in MU, there is a hallway which describes east and west exits even though there are only north/south ones. I believe the desc was copy/pasted from a hall around the corner which matches the description and has east/west exits.

2) Professor Rhinehardt's description when you enter his Physics class has him misspelled as Rinehardt. The line that says he is sitting as his desk.

If I see anymore I'll add them here. :)
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Post by Quanqued »

Thanks for you feedback! We actually do have a couple folks working on typos like you mentioned. They usually check the 'bug' board on the MUD itself.
Quanqued wrote: > board bugs
> note write
To: imm
Subject: Typo
Enter the message body/etc.
On as many lines as you need.
Then finish with an @ on a line by itself.
(C)ontinue, (D)elete Line, (V)iew, (R)eformat, (P)ost or (F)orget it?
Note posted.
Thanks for your help!
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