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 Nice Scrubs DVD
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:56 am
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Turn on your DVD. Watch the same formulaic comedies day after day on the networks. Watch your intelligence quotient begin its downward spiral. Scared? Ok, now turn on Scrubs . Every so often a show comes along that breaks the network formula, and brings a richness to a genre that is sorely lacking in originality. ScrubS is that show, and has been for several years running.

Scrubs Scrubs DVD 1-9 hooked me with the very first episode I ever saw. At first I was skeptical. Medical comedy, hmm Ok, there is going to be bad sophmoric humor and haven't we seen medical shows about a million times? Five minutes in, it hit me. This show was actually brilliant; Intelligent, quirky, and sometimes wacky humor coupled with real drama and tearful emotion and writing that continues to amaze week after week. At that moment, Scrubs inherited the void left by Seinfeld's departure as TVs best comedy.

The quirky nature of the writing, especially JD's fantasy sequences, improves in Season 2. Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and Sarah Chalke are far better, and far more comfortable, in their respective roles as JD, Turk, and Elliot than in Season 1. John C. McGinley is bar none the best actor on TV today as Dr. Cox. He becomes a more understandable and likeable character as this season progresses. And of course, Neil Flynn and his fantastically offbeat humor as JD's Janitor nemesis.

The season 1 finale left a lot of questions in the air. Would Carla and Turk resolve their problems and find happiness? Would JD and Elliot fall in love for real or are they destined for friendship? Most importantly, woud the father-son relationship between JD and Dr. Cox ever be the same? Season 2 resolves these questions fairly early, leaving the majority of the season devoted to pure laugh out loud moments and amazing guest stars like Heather Locklear, Tom Cavanaugh, Rick Shroeder, Jay Mohr, and the gorgeous Amy Smart as Tasty Coma Wife. The show seems to be successfully moving away from the gimmicky plot twists and each episode is a neatly comprehensive show. With shorter dramatic arcs, the humor and acting are center stage and the cast and crew sparkle. This set is a solid winner, with plenty of entertaining extras, and is an absolute must have for any Scrubs Scrubs or TV comedy fan.

Scrubs DVD 1-9

Scrubs DVD 1-9

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