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 Role Play Limits in Second Life Profile, is it godmodding by
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:17 am
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Wow what awesome posts and thank you all for them. One thing I will say is I do my best to respect the OCC player and do everything to protect your rights if any here in CCS. This is the Greatest Game in the Grid to me and I thank you all.
Now to the subject:

Ok another thing we have been thinking of and discussing at length. And is the discussion or countless GM calls and sanctions and proposed rulings.

What exactly a valid role play limit is?

To me needs couple clarifications:
1. It cannot negate a valid action of the CCS or the Community Combat System or one of its effects. (example: “No Defeat”, “No Feed” or “No Wracking”)
2. It cannot attempt to support a Metagaming action In Character in an attempt to control the game to give you an advantage. (example: “I have magic armor that cannot be taken off or damaged” or “I have pixie dust to prevent any ability to cut my limbs” )
3. It must contribute to the Games flow as far as a theme of the role play. (example is hard to have a “No Capture” clause and expect to fight with your friends in a Faction to Faction war, for you are attempting to godmode the outcome of the war if you rejoin combat not being burdened with the fact the enemy cannot contain you by role play means to end the combat in total victory, is a scenario where the Capture is needed in role play).
4. It cannot support a unrealistic Metagaming OOC action In Character ( example: “I wont role play with levels over 30, since they camped to get there” or “no role play with Devils Disciples since their leader is a pain in the ass” )

That being said it is a dark role play and some things must be allowed to happen, defeat, capture, some role played torture, ect. Dark things go bump in the night. However it is a Game all should enjoy, not a select few, Is not unreasonable to have a “No Rape” or “No Sex” in your limits if you do have any. These things just lead to a horrible OOC dramas and disrupts all the players role play time if leads to a disagreement.

Yes is a dark role play but must we force people to be killed, stripped naked, fucked up the ass and dragged down a street to be gangbanged or a similar fate, especially if they openly declare they not want to play that far? Just because you are a high level who can CCS them to defeat in 60 seconds? Wow what a challenge and great fun!»> NOT!«<
I am sorry but to me, this is an example of a sick fucking mind in the process who cannot live out a sick fantasy in real life so is attempting to force it on us here. Is a million weirdo’s out there….. Real Life Rapists, Serial Killers, Child Molesters…. am I required now to allow them to play out their sick fantasies here under a blanket excuse “is a Dark Role Play”, this is one the reasons I have a CCS Sim is the Role Play limits are respected if they are reasonable..

Same as child sex or molestation issues, and of course no I wont do a raciest or homophobic role play. But I not dictate to them if they want to do a sex rape bondage thing or whatever is all good as far as consenting adults here.

People here are saying “Fade to Black” in one breath and then if someone does it, hell they are abusing the FTB in another, “Lets call a GM on that cheater”

Metagamming and Godmodding excellent reasons for Fade to Black, but I believe Fade To Black if indeed called should be reported to a GM for the 24 hour ruling of no role playing with each other policy goes into effect then, it must be validated so is not a light thing to do. Don’t try to do to others what you don’t want done too you!

Avoid any OOC Drama like the plague! Always stay IC go to the IM if need to.

Actually is all common sense, a Profile is a Second Life Linden Lab feature, Is not a integrated part of the CCS, and is not required to read it before or after a hostile combat role play and is even the idea is a Metagaming to do so.

It is OOC and has no real influence whatsoever on the IC, other than give a passive message of who you are and your values.

Most limits or messages if they are a obvious or silly or an attempt to godmode the role play should not or will not be validated by a GM in most CCS Sims

. I not sure how we can really limit a writing of whatever a person wants in a Linden Lab feature, or why in the hell it upsets you in the least.

A Linden Lab feature must be addressed by Linden Labs by a Abuse Report. To try to control a Linden Lab profile by a CCS ruling is beyond our authority.


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:37 pm
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Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.
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