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 Entourage, clever, sexy, addicting!!!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:29 am
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Entourage is clever, sexy, and overall very, very addicting!!! I loved entourage from the first episode. This is a guilty pleasure that all guys should take in. There's hot woman, plenty of herbal indulgence, and all the drinks you can kick back.
Adrian Grenier is Vincent Chase, a up and coming actor who's keeping it old school with his loyalty to his friends and brother, taking them along for the rollercoaster ride that is his acting career. Every girl seemingly is charmed by Vince...his life is right out of a bachelors fairytale! Let your mind wander freely...
I can't make up my mind who my favorite character is but "Entourage" is 1 of 2 characters I love. Kevin Connelly plays Eric, Vince's best friend turned manager...He doesn't put up with with anybody's crap, hard nosed and hopelessly destined to fall in love with whoever he talks to for more than a week..."E" keeps it real thru the whole fantasy world of Entourage with probably the most believable of the characters "Entourage" evolves into Vinces manger as the series evolves...
Kevin Dillon is the ever annoying Johnny "Drama", Vinces half brother who is always looking to snag Vince's coat tails to keep his "B" level acting career going...he's a trip conming equipped with the most quirky personality on the show...he knows no shame and is officially the cook for the crew...
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