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 Temple of Dagon Author Booksigning in Chicago
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:39 am
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Lurking Fear
Lurking Fear

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Anyone here wanting to send me press materials that you want promoted at my booth send me an e-mail at npacione@gmail.com. I am compiling a 5x8 size anthology book that I will be putting both current horror writers and stories by writers who are currently in the public domain so people will have something to take home with them in the booth and I am sending the e-book version to the promoters so they can upload it to their cafepress profiles. I am going to send it to the other writers on the roster too so they can see the anthology.

This is my first signing under the Naked Snake Press roster so this time around I got some fun giveaways thanx to Donna and company at Naked Snake Press. I got a new book out right now as some like Cussedness did was bragged about owning a pirated copy. Some dildo from anotehr forum decided it was funny and distribute the pdf of the book just as the book came out.

This book is a memoir but taken to a darkness that some people would imagine what was it like for me being Nickolaus Pacione in the early part of the 1990s. For the record -- and correcting Cussedness publically here too, I haven't been 5'6 since my Junior year. This is the notorious book and it is available right now. Yeah I was working on this book for a good part of two years -- two false starts one of them got me a 25,000 word passage, and the second rewrite I got as far as 50,000 before moving back to the Joliet area. This version is 235 pages and took me a good four months to write, and now available for $15.95 as a 5 x 8 trade paperback size. I am working to get an ISBN on this one so I can get it in the hands of a few used bookstores in Joliet and Morris.

Online Publishing Company of Cthulhu Mythos Writer, NICKOLAUS A. PACIONE. Dirty Black Winter is out now the career spanding collection. An Eye In Shadows is available on Amazon.com and Lulu.com.
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