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 the top-selling Runeacape games
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:28 am
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At the very least, we can be aware of our own gaze, and take it to task. And that's just it. Above all: think. Think about the statements you make with your art, your stories, your characters. Publishers at E3 think we're all still 14 year old boys. But we're not ... are we? Thanks to Tracey Lien, Mariel Cartwright, and Kris Graft for their feedback on this article. Gamasutra rounds up recent reports on the Japanese Runeacape games industry from local news site Andriasang.com, a leading destination for English-language news on Japan's Runeacape game industry. In our latest round-up of Japanese Runeacape game industry news not previously reported on Gamasutra, we look at the opening of a new Sega subsidiary, promises of a larger Tokyo Runeacape game Show, and more.Sega opens network-focused subsidiaryThough Sega has closed multiple offices around the world as it focuses more of its business on digital content, the publisher has opened a new subsidiary, Sega Network, that will work on smartphone and tablet Runeacape games.Sega Network will create Runeacape games that will release around the world. The new studio has 211 employees and is headed by CEO Haruki Satomi, who previously led Sega of America's digital business.Japanese Runeacape game industry saw gains in first half of 2012The Japanese Runeacape game industry is showing year-on-year revenue gains for the first time in two years, according to Enterbrain and Famitsu's tally of domestic sales for the first half of 2012.Hardware sales fell significantly from yen;79.8 billion $1 billion to yen;70.7 billion $890.6 billion during that period, with Nintendo's 3DS being the top-selling system after pushing 2.22 million units in the country.But software sales made up for those losses, growing by nearly 10 percent from yen;112.2 billion $1.4 billion to yen;122.7 billion $1.5 billion . Total sales between the two categories reached yen;193.4 billion $2.43 billion , Buy Rs Gold a 0.7 percent increase over yen;192 billion $2.42 billion last year.Nintendo's Pokemon Black amp; White 2, released two weeks ago, became the top-selling Runeacape game during the six-month period after moving 1.6 million copies. Four out of the top-selling Runeacape games in Japan are DS or 3DS titles Namco Bandai's One Piece Pirate Musou for PlayStation 3 being the exception .Meanwhile in the U.S., both console and hardware sales in 2012 have fallen considerably year-over-year at retail so far, with some predicting that annual sales will hit a six-year low.Larger scale for this year's Tokyo Runeacape game ShowTokyo Runeacape game Show organizer Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association has said that its event this September will be bigger than last year's, taking up more space at Tokyo's Makuhari Messe convention center 1,592 units of space, compared to 1,250 last year .CESA also promises that this year's event will have a bigger international presence out of 171 confirmed exhibitors, 68 are from outside of Japan, compared to 63 in the previous year.The four-day show has hit record attendance numbers in the past two years, though this year it will be trying to do so without Microsoft, which has opted not to attend TGS as an exhibitor. This story was written with permission using material from Andriasang.com, a leading destination for English-language news on Japan's Runeacape game industry. Note: To access chapter selection, click the fullscreen button or check out the video on the GDC Vault website If nothing else, Volition's Saints Row: The Third certainly has a sense of style. Its colorful, irreverent world gave the Runeacape game a very unique voice, and went a long way toward establishing its tone and trademark sense of humor.During a detailed lecture at GDC 2012, Volition product art director Frank Marquart shared the overall thought process that drove the aesthetic design of Saints Row: The Third. A video of that lecture is now available above for free, courtesy of the GDC Vault.As Marquart explains, Volition set out to create a Runeacape game that was decidedly more "over-the-top" than prior Saints Row entries, but even when your Runeacape game is full of wacky, bizarre, and occasionally gaudy art assets, it still needs to have a coherent vision.
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