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Toren “MacBin” Atkinson

I’ve been fascinated with the work of H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries for many years. I founded a rock band called The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (the name taken from a quote in “The Tomb”) which honors Lovecraft’s creations with songs like “Shoggoths Away,” “The Innsmouth Look” and “The Sounds of Tindalos.” I’m also a gamer and every year I put on a gaming convention called H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party. Finally, I created a roleplaying game called Spaceship Zero which has some very Lovecraftian elements in it, though it is primarily a 50’s space pulp game. Oh, and also I draw & paint.
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Cthulhu on the Rampage
Hound of Tindalos
Where the Great Old Ones Are

8 Responses to “Toren “MacBin” Atkinson”

  1. bruno shogoth Wrote:

    Simply, my tattoo is based in the Cthulhu picture (Cthulhu.jpg)!!!!

  2. scorpionius Wrote:

    awesome artwork. I’d use more color though.

  3. Senecal Wrote:

    Great stuff. I love the shifting angles and the kinetic perspectives.

  4. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    Great work,amazaing pencils, love your “Pursuit”

  5. Ihnathi Wrote:

    Ah, the pursuit is truly a masterpiece.

  6. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    the artwork here is insane. I like the one of Cthulhu rising from the water. The temple of Dagon is doing an anthology of stories — Stefano is looking for artists to go with the stories.

  7. Jotuns Eye Wrote:

    I’ve seen your art before (on the internet), and I’ve seen you (Darkest of the Hillside Thickets) perform several years ago in Portland, Oregon, for a Lovecraft convention. Never made the connection between the art and the band until now… Both Rock! May the Old Ones bless you with further creativity… oh, and your cd’s are are my to buy list!

  8. sean patrick leydon Wrote:

    Most HPL inspired artwork is horrible. The whole “seeing the creature fractures your mind,” and how that translates visually without driving you insane paradigm.
    But your “Hound of Tindalos,” is one of the best representations I have ever come across. Really excellent.

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