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I’m a multimedia artist who takes the multi-media thing quite literally 🙂 Not only Illustrations, paintings and sculptures but now Jewelry as well. I started metalsmithing around 5 years ago and enjoy more and more working with precious metals and stones…

The main idea behind this collection about Lovecraft is that, first, I was unable to find something for me :p and mostly because I first read Lovecraft’s novels when I was 13 and they never really left me .. so I really wanted to do something “around” that..

I wanted this jewelry to look quite innocent from a distance.. art Nouveau-ish or Victorian-ish, so you can wear it everyday and only you will know 🙂 At my table, during ArtShows, I always say that the Lovecraft Collection is for the Cultists and the Historical collection is for the victims, eh…

I’m particularly happy about the next necklace (in 2 weeks, I hope) called the Celtic Shoggoth. From a distance, it looks like a nifty celtic knot but those really are the victim’s entrails. Anyway, I see those 2 guys with that long sleeved white shirt coming so I’d better go back to my cell.

If anyone is interested, she does sell her creations! Email SoMK

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Web Elder Good
Deep One Labra
Cthulhu Garnet
Cthulhu Final
Elder Gods Mystic
Elder Gods Duo
Web Dagon situ2

10 Responses to “SoMK”

  1. Lucy Wrote:

    These necklaces are amazing. Youre idea to make them imitative of the late victorian/art-neuvoe period fits in well with the time Lovecraft was writing. I also like the way in which from afar they just look like equisite jewellry but, to the knowing eye represent the more sinister.

  2. Heather Wrote:

    How much do you want for one? They’re more than beautiful!

  3. James Wrote:

    These pieces are absolutely awe inspiring.

  4. Caleb Wrote:

    Very,very nice.How much are you asking for the Deep One Labra?

  5. Senecal Wrote:

    These are great. Nice to see a 3-D artist here

  6. jason Wrote:

    Wow. i must have one!! How much are you asking??

  7. n.chaos Wrote:

    Wow. Great work…
    But… isn’t Cthulhu supposed to have two eyes? (yep. Mythos geek here 😉 )

  8. gloomygrrl Wrote:

    Nice to look at – but don’t buy one!
    I never received my order, and she will not respond to my emails. Very unprofessional. I can’t even get a refund because it’s been so long since I ordered it.

  9. Cyllan Wrote:

    Ooops, that sucks ! ^ I got my cool necklace.. No pb on my side.

  10. Andy Wrote:

    Awesome work on my Cthulhu ring !! Why isn’t it in the gallery btw ? 😉

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