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Rick Sardinha

Rick Sardinha is an extremely talented artist who’s work can be found in various card games (including those by Wizards of the Coast), scientific illustrations, a large number of game and magazine companies, and much more. Here he has shared with us his collection of Lovecraft inspired pieces.

Rick’s Links

Rick’s Art

Click on any image for a larger view.

Dreams of the Deep
Between The Spaces
Leviathan Crop

15 Responses to “Rick Sardinha”

  1. Sethos Wrote:

    I like to see, that there are people, who are interesstet in the Cthulu Mythos. Go on with this.
    Best Greetings

  2. krishan Wrote:

    amazing art very good i wish i could draw like u

  3. Fethrblaka Wrote:

    Wow… They’re great… I just love them… And I thoguht the horror that Lovecraft invoqued couldn’t be drawn…

  4. Xavier And Jason Wrote:

    We would like to now if you could send us free pictures of Dagon, Hydra and most of all Cthulhu. We would appriciate it if you could get back on us with that. We are big fans of Cthulhu. Thank you and good bye

  5. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    Excellent work really, love esspecially the Leviathan Crop and Dreams of the Deep. Very cool work man.

  6. Chris Wrote:

    You are indeed blessed by the Old Ones.

  7. Silk Wrote:

    do you have anykind of posters about Dagon and Cthulhu available?

  8. Rich Wrote:

    Just loved “Nyarlathotep”, best drawning I ever saw of the “Crawling Chaos”! Amazing work!

  9. conrad Wrote:

    I own this painting it looks fantastic

  10. conrad Wrote:

    i mean i own the one of dagon

  11. Jonathan Wrote:

    These are superb examples of Lovecraftian art – right up there with Les Edwards, Paul Carrick and Dave Carson…I love his use of water as a theme, these underwater scenes work better than any other mythos image I’ve seen. I’d love to buy some of these, particularly “Dreams of the Deep” – Rick’s site is not yet functional, but I’d be grateful if he could email me back at some point with a pricelist for his prints.

  12. Gee Wrote:

    Excellent work. I especially liked image 5. You have some definite skill, the best I’ve seen since the likes of Dali.

  13. Tim Wrote:

    Phenomenal – the monochromatic style is as offwordly as the representations, and the mastery of those shades is extroidinary.

  14. Heriberto dos S. Reis Wrote:

    A palavra de Deus relata o que aconteceu com dagon quando os Filisteus levaram e deixaram a Arca de Deus ao lado da estátua de dagon, dentro do seu templo.
    Está em 1 livro do profeta Samuel Capítulo 5, e as suas cosequências você pode ler.
    Deus é poderoso e derrubou apenas com a presença da sua arca a estátua e a cortou no limiar do teplo.
    Mas preste atençao !! Assim como os scerdotes de dagon se vestiam como peixe, assim também de forma subliminar se veste o papa !! Que estranho você não acha ??

  15. jj solari Wrote:

    this site rules

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