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Maija Pietikäinen

I’m a 25-year-old Lovecraft enthusiast from Finland. Ever since I first read his work in my late teens I’ve been greatly inspired by his atmospheric prose. I’ve tried my best to capture these strange visions on paper.

I haven’t had any art education yet, but I’m hoping to get to study graphic design soon. I have done a few illustrations for magazines and books (not Lovecraft-related though), and I’d love to become a professional illustrator some day.

In addition to traditional art I have recently started doing more experimental work, mainly for interior decoration purposes.

Maija’s Art

Click on any image for a larger view.

Necro Page
Shoggoth Mother
Night Gaunts
Baby Cthulhu
Cthulhu Statue
The Basalt Pillars of the West
The Other Gods

12 Responses to “Maija Pietikäinen”

  1. Fabbe Wrote:

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  2. Juhi Wrote:

    Kaunista. Ia,ia!

  3. sherry Wrote:

    baby cthulhu is cute as hell

  4. Jar Wrote:

    Yeah, she’s very talented.

  5. dj Paura Wrote:

    how do I get in touch with the artist Maija Pietikäinen? I would like to contact him for his permission to use one of his illustrations for a hand bill.

  6. Aleister Wrote:

    dj Paura: I will relay the message 🙂

  7. Ville Wrote:

    Hey, really great work. I’d like to get in touch for possible art commission, hopefully I hear back!

  8. Chris in Maryland Wrote:

    Hi, my wife and I were in Helsinki and discovered, in a cafe or pub fairly central in the city, a large plaque or memorial written about Lovecraft. It had his picture on it, I believe, and was written in Finnish, I assume. I regret I was not quick-witted enough to take a picture – does anybody have more information about this, the plaque, its contents or its location?


  9. Wanderer Wrote:

    Very nice. I especially like Shoggoth mother, feels especially lovecrafty.

  10. Antonio Wrote:

    “The basalt pillars of the west” is very dreamy… i wonder how much would it be to buy a reproduction of it..

  11. christian Wrote:

    I would like to purchase a prints of the night gaunts painting. Where can I find one?

  12. Randall Wrote:

    Wow, you are incredibly talented and this is all great work. “The Basalt Pillars of the West” is my favorite. I think I’m going to have to start reading Lovecraft now.

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