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Kevin Evans

Kevin Evans My imagery is a concoction of influence from the natural concealed world, instinct and the cavernous depths of imagination. The process is a provoking push and pull journey within medium and self with sporadic introductions of chaos to ensure an unpredictable voyage towards the concluding outcome. When working, I investigate the interior terrain, favoring an existence within a silent emblematic space. I deposit symbols, characters and texture -following an intuitive voice leading to unanticipated and surprising consequences.


The picture first begins as a sequence of visual ramblings in sketchbook. Intermittently, unsystematic rudiments and marks of disorder are introduced; on occasion regions destroyed or erased acting as a reaction trigger. It’s a procedure of embracing an atmosphere of unpredictability.

When the illustration has attained a condition of termination, it is then transmitted to canvas or printed in an intaglio technique.


Kevin Evans is a native Californian, born in San Luis Obispo and resident of the San Francisco bay area since 1985. Chosen mediums are painting, printmaking and sculpture. Since 1995, Kevin has worked as an artist in the CGI/Computer games industry. Past companies include:
Lucasfilm/Lucasarts Entertainment Company, Activision/Z -Axis, Sony/Psygnosis & Take 2 Interactive / Visual Concepts. From 1990 to 1995 Kevin freelanced in the area of editorial illustration.
Publications and clients include: Image magazine, San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Mondo 2000, The Nose, American Brewer, East Bay Express, S.F. Bay Guardian, Sacramento News & Review, City Magazine, Project H.E.A.R. & Spectrum Holobyte.

In 1990 Kevin, with a few other Cacophony society members acted as a location consultant and staff in assisting the relocation of The Burning Man from Baker Beach, San Francisco to the Black Rock desert in Nevada. From 1990 to 1995, Kevin was also one of the participating artists.



Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco CA

Varnish Fine Art, “3 to the 3rd” Group exhibition, San Francisco CA

Arts Council of Sonoma County Gallery “Small Works Exhibit”, Santa Rosa CA

Gallery Route One, “January Juried Show” Group exhibition, Point Reyes Ca
Juror: Stephan Jost

19th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Juror: Rudy Pozzatti

The Kellogg University Art Gallery , “Ink & Clay 32”, Cal Poly CA
Jurors: Peter Held and Marlyn Zeitlin

ArtSF, “Hell iz other people” Group exhibition, San Francisco CA
Jurors: Steve Leyba and K2

ArtSPACE @ 16, “Love Small – Small Works III” Group exhibition, Malden MA
Juror: Adria Arch

Squat & Gobble #3, Solo exhibition, San Francisco CA

ABCO gallery, “Homeland Security” group exhibition, Oakland CA
DiPietro Todd, Solo exhibition, San Francisco CA
Somar gallery, “Primal Edge” Burning man group exhibition, San Francisco CA
Architects & Heroes. Solo exhibition, San Francisco CA
Burning man, location consultant and participating artist

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Kevin’s Links

  • http://www.kevinevans.com/
  • http://tinyurl.com/gdfod
  • http://tinyurl.com/zjl5z
  • http://tinyurl.com/kvujd

Kevin’s Art

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r'lyeh3 (detail)
Oraculum II
shub niggurath
r'lyeh2 (detail)
legion of insect
Acuo II

14 Responses to “Kevin Evans”

  1. Egan Hirvela Wrote:

    Your stuff is still totally amazing. 😀

  2. Senecal Wrote:

    Beautiful work!
    I am very fascinated by the kinetic and organic qualities, and of course the color evokes an other-worldly aspect. Great to have your work here, and welcome!

  3. scorpionius Wrote:

    Your depiction of Cthulhu would blast the soul of a madman.
    Excellent work.

  4. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    WOW, love your work, your vision of R’lyeh is amazing.

  5. Ihnathi Wrote:

    Absolutely amazing work! Maybe for the future re-releases of Lovecraft’s books?

  6. sherry Wrote:

    i love the detail, the storm in cthulhu is almost like a photograph

  7. emeuly Wrote:


  8. cerino Wrote:

    WONDERFUL work. when i saw the one in wich Chtulhu rises from the water, i had a shiver…

  9. Gwabryel Wrote:

    Your works in this page are amazing. And I went in your website , so this is amazing too !!!!!!!!!

  10. a_lex Wrote:

    Wow. Great work. Really great, work.

    Your Cthulhu… Is simply one of the best.

    Definitely the best representation of Cthulhu sporting more than 2 eyes… for reason of odd Mythos purism, I usualy consider the 2-eyed images of Great Old One kind of canonical, but yours blasted me, it is awesome. Definitely Canon!
    Love your work.

    P.S.: Also best 2D representation of R’Lyeh 😉

  11. a_lex Wrote:

    ADD TO ABOVE: Oh, and the drawing techique is superb. Love kinetics and lighting.

  12. Buster Wrote:

    I think… you could make an awesome Night Gaunt. Too few people draw them

  13. Curtis Wrote:

    Amazing stuff.

  14. Antonio Wrote:

    The picture showing Cthulhu walking through the sea is somewhat absurd and unbelievable.. it is like all my certainties being completely wiped out.. all my good feelings being completely swept away.. This is ART.

    Good luck with your future works.

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