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Jeff Remmer

I began reading Lovecraft and creating artwork based on his writings in high school. His stories have inspired me visually throughout my life and, particularly when the weather turns dismal or stormy, I find myself seeking out new fiction based on his work or reading again a favorite piece. Fortunately for me quite a few of the pieces that were painted solely for my own pleasure have been published. Aside from the Mythos based artwork I continue to take classes in figure, portrait and oil painting, paint landscapes and seascapes, have done comics, comic covers, trading cards and I’m a senior artist at Sony creating 2-D and 3-D artwork for video games. Email Jeff

Jeff’s Art

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Night Gaunt
Old Ones
Great Race
Lurker in the Temple

27 Responses to “Jeff Remmer”

  1. Jesus Prime (Stefano) Wrote:

    HOLY SHIT! These are amazing, man. Keep up the good work.

  2. JJ Burke Wrote:


  3. Cybcop Wrote:

    En fin une oeuvre proche des rêves du maitre de la Dark fantasy
    Bravo, “that is not dead”…

  4. Adam Zschech Wrote:

    Wow! I love your work. It realy jumps out at you and tickles the deepths.

  5. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    Just brilliant!

  6. Robert Kew Wrote:

    The old gentleman himself would be most impressed! Fantastic art Jeff you have captured the moment and I hope that you will be bring out print of these excellent pieces of art?

  7. Kaleb Fenoir Wrote:

    Simply beautiful, man. The Elder Things and the posing of the Dagon worshipper… like they were taken straight from my mind’s eye. Leng looks just as foreboding and bleak as it’s supposed to. I’m just wondering what story the Howling God is from? My mind’s a bit fuzzy, though the picture was incredible.

  8. Thamuz Wrote:


  9. Rilke Wrote:

    Very good stuff.

  10. Markus Wrote:

    These paintings are amazing. I also did some Lovecraft inspired paintings, but not as good as yours, I think. Yours are definitely the best coloured Lovecraft-paintings that I´ve ever seen! They create a great atmosphere and even the details are exactly made after Lovecraft´s descriptions.

  11. baltazar bonilla castro Wrote:

    Me parece establecer alguna relacion, entre el dios dagon, el budismo y Birmania. En Birmanaia hay un templo dedicado al dios shete dagon. En una de las orillas del rio isaweni. Favor aclararme

  12. Antonio Wrote:

    Great work. The one depicting Dagon rising up from the sea and embracing the monolith,all of this before the man’s terrified eyes.. well,just GREAT… Maybe i’d rather Dagon’s face was more angry and evil.. but anyway it is terrifying..

  13. Carol Wrote:

    great posture on the Old One (2nd row, centre)

    To me he looks like he’s standing up on his hind…tentacles, looking up at the sky, and trying to figure out life…’what’s it all about? why is our race dying out..?’ and so on.

  14. Snake Wrote:

    Wow, the Dagon one is really great just what imagined when I read Dagon. I love the Monolith too full of features like the killing of the whale. Well done!

  15. bruce Wrote:

    very impressive.

  16. Esteban Wrote:

    The daon its my favorite for the details like the killing of the whale, also was exactly how i imagine when i read dagon, except y think dagon never saw the marine guy 🙂

  17. Rick Wrote:

    This is great stuff. That particular member of the Great Race depicted looks strangely adorable!

    I came here by googleimages while looking for night gaunts, but it wasn’t here. Too bad – the thumbnail looked great.

  18. Jasmin Wrote:

    Amazing pieces, truly how I pictured lovecraft monsters to look like.

  19. Mephisto Wrote:

    I would like to see more!

  20. H. P. Lovecraft Wrote:

    This is truly how I imagined my own work, especially the moonbeasts. Congratulations on such fine artwork!

  21. jeff420 Wrote:

    very very well done. keep em comming, need more artists like this. Ia Ia Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  22. esteban Wrote:

    howling god?? what story is? the picture is awesome

  23. Mishka Wrote:

    Truely beautiful craftsmanship, H.P. would have been pbot proud and inspired had he seen these….

  24. corry Wrote:

    amazing work! truly thrilling!

  25. Postmortimus Wrote:

    I was looking up artist’s renditions of the Old Ones and came across yours and I am truly impressed. You’re a damn good artist. Have you ever read Dan Dare? You have a great retro sci-fi look in the Old Ones rendition akin to some of the artists that have worked on that. Keep up the great art.

  26. Kitu Wrote:

    These have to be one of the most awesome Lovecraftian Art pieces I have ever seen.!

  27. Jerz Wrote:

    I just wanted to tell you that your depiction of an Elder Thing comes is the closest to the description in ATMOM that I have ever seen. Great work! Although I do believe they’re supposed to have five wings, one in each of the ridge furrows, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read. Nevertheless, completely excellent.

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